Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0436 27.5.1938

De-religionizing the State ....

So the people want to initiate an unmistakable de-religionization of the state that will promote every evil.  One should always bear in mind that the State must necessarily collapse in itself when the simplest teaching about God and His justice is torn from the hearts of the people.  All earthly order is first of all the consequence of the inner order of God.  The peoples of all nations know that none of the laws given by the state could be fulfilled if the mentality of this people was not first judged by a doctrine of the God-being above all earthly, so that it complies with a fulfillment of the laws.

A hard being will always resist all desire for a higher power .... Now first transform mankind into compliant, willingly conforming beings, then they will also comply with what is desired of them.  And nothing else can make a person as soft and pliable than the doctrine of faith.  And so a God-fearing people will also always strive far more to fulfill all earthly laws than a people from whom one has taken away the belief in justification before the eternal Godhead and retribution after death.

Just a brief reference that such people will also soon no more fear an earthly punishment is enough, because in it each sense of responsibility is slowly suffocated .... This depends on the attitude towards God .... a higher being might still be feared, but not an earthly force .... if all faith would be taken from the people in retaliation.  Then the passions would rather violently ignite in a human soul, they will want to seize equally unbound elements of all possession or unrestrainedly also destroy everything, because the urge for destruction is far more characteristic of such a faithless being than the urge to preserve ....

The further consequences of such a de-religionization would be that soon there would be no difference between people who are now still differently constituted.  Because they would be averse to a supernatural Creator, i.e. they would no longer want to acknowledge Him, soon every soul would also develop only purely materially, there could never be any talk of spiritualization, and there would therefore also be no striving to reach a higher spiritual level .... So everything would remain unchanged soul-wise on earth and be influenced by earth forces and their unfavorable radiations.  And the end of these beings would be a complete spiritual death after their earthly death.

But never has any authority been given unlimited power to have such a destructive effect on the soul of the earthly children and for this reason activity will begin in order to make people aware of the dreadful consequences of such a project .... What the peoples of the past had built up in ignorance and complete blindness as the doctrine of Deity, was infinitely more valuable than today's plan to tamper with an already existing Divine doctrine and try to eradicate it.  Oh what misery this earth still has to suffer .... what misery the human children must still endure, so that they again will turn completely to this pure teaching! ....

And what a most evil crime is the planned destruction of this teaching .... to fight against everything that up to now has saved people from evil, if it was only recognized and fulfilled .... the many attempts of the alleged purification of teachings harmful to the people will fail, but what exists since eternity will arise again in clear purity, and cannot perish .... the pure word of Jesus Christ, the truly Divine teaching .... which alone can bring only blessings to mankind and lead them to their true destiny .... to eternal life ....




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