Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0440 29.5.1938

Strong Faith ....
Power of Judgement ....
Prediction ....

Those who remain in Me will not need to do without My help .... says the Lord, and so also your heart will be cleansed from all doubt, so that a strong faith takes possession of you and you furthermore will stand completely in the service of the Lord.  the Lord considers those who are His without distinction, but their own will can let them rise unbelievably high in the spiritual.  Whatever will threaten you, the enemy can never harm you as long as you sincerely implore the heavenly Father for protection, because His will stands above everything, so also above the hostile powers, which are hindered to carry out their shameful plans as soon as in the child on earth ask for God's help - even if only in thought - when he begins to feel disgust for it.

Therefore never tremble and put yourselves trustingly in God's protection, and you will remain victorious in all temptations .... In the more distant decades, strange things are going to happen on and above the earth .... so the earth will gradually rebel against any excessive transformation through human hands ....  This is a sign of the effect of the Divine will, which wants to point all consciously living beings the earth carries, upwards.  This can only happen in such a way that also all these unusual phenomena have an inherent order .... because only by this one will recognize that one cannot escape from these things, and only then begin to notice and to think differently.

But only few will do this because the masses of humanity will also again try to give scientific explanations and will not draw any further benefit for their salvation from all these phenomena.  It is up to each individual to decide where his mind wants to turn .... If the Lord would proceed too obviously, then soon everything would freeze in captured will .... as long as humans are able to think, they will also possess the power of free judgement and will express it at their discretion ....

A being on earth can never reach maturity if this power of judgement would be taken away from it or it would somehow be judged, because then free will would be switched off and spiritual maturity can no longer be striven for .... But how differently it behaves with those humans, who live only for the present .... their strength of judgement weakens significantly, they leave it completely to the world around them to judge what is uncomfortable for them .... They also thoughtlessly accept their judgement, but still again act according to their free will ....

And so again will only a small part be blessed .... and all phenomena will be beneficial only for this small part, but then these are to turn with all zeal to their actual purpose, because it would be only a short time, and unbelievably much and high can be achieved, if striving begins seriously.  Do not let the hungry starve .... and enlighten all who are in darkness, who desires light from you .... You will be approached to hand out the bread to the starving, and it will be good because this will satisfy all who long for it, and it will give the strength to stand by their soul from now on, to redeem itself from matter and to turn completely to the spiritual.

These events will be such that many of them will try to start another life, because the recognition of an active Deity will come so suddenly over these earthly children, that also their whole thinking and striving will seem to have become different .... And then it just applies to utilize this condition of the people and to point everything out to them, which can anchor them firmly in the faith .... Heaven will give its blessing when you work for the glory of God and want to bring many sheep to Him .... A good will will always be blessed and bear good fruit ....




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