Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0443 31.5.1938

Passions ....

People's passions often bring about such strong clouding of the soul that again days pass until it has freed itself from the effects of these, and then the soul's fate is a struggle for strength.  Do not forget, you people on earth, that you yourselves can considerably contribute to the equinamity of your feelings when you just would always consider this state of your soul which causes you pain and suffering.

In the excitement of the human being, these right-off malevolent powers take possession of him and seek to stir up all hatred and bitterness in order to dissuade the human soul from the previous path as far as possible .... And only prayer for help from these temptations, weakens their power.  Every minute of your life should serve to snatch you from the power of these forces, by practicing meekness, humility and patience.

But those who give free rein to their passion, does not pay attention .... He has only to fight again to find his way back to the former state, and with a good will he will also succeed, but which has only took the soul a step backwards.  Therefore first try to get rid of all violence .... to thereby turn off in all gentleness and to escape the temptations which approach you .... because how small are often the causes to large aberrations of the soul ....

Every earthly power is given the power to decide according to it's own discretion .... If it's actions are not good and wise, it will have to answer for itself one day, but you, who are subject to this power, follow everything to the best of your ability .... so in such a case the blessing will still come to you, and you will also be able to cope with what is demanded when you beg the Lord for the necessary strength.  After all, the Deity is constantly concerned about you and intervenes with help where you ask for help.

The earthly law must remain a guideline as long as it does not violate the commandments of God and the entire Divine order.  For then the Lord Himself intervenes to judge and raise up all who go astray.  The voice of the Lord is penetrating and will be heard when the time comes, but you who walk on earth, will have it easy to fulfill everything and to comply with what is demanded of you in the world, if you keep the commandments of God  ....



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