Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0458 10.6.1938

Bliss ....
Union with God ....

To walk in a manner pleasing to the Lord, is the most important task of life, for only in this way can you achieve that the heavenly Father receives you as a part of Himself and you become worthy of the light and all the delights of heaven .... Follow Me, My child, into that land which is exalted above all beauty on earth.

An vision will open up to you that will be given to the truly pious when they close their eyes on earth forever, to awaken over there in the hereafter.  An incomparable desire fulfills all these souls .... the environment is so exceedingly attractive that each soul in devoted disposition looks forward to the fulfillment of the desire, which only the Lord Himself can satisfy with His nearness .... The longing of all these souls is one that transcends all human concepts, but the fulfillment of this longing is completely incomprehensible to a human mind, for it exceeds in bliss all comprehension .... It is pure heavenly wonder, delight and incomprehensible bliss ....

That which seems incomprehensible to people .... the pure union with the highest Godhead, is the epitome of that which all should strive for, because only this is followed by siuch a delightful reward .... because only in the union with God, the most perfect state is reached and because this is and will be the only goal of all beings from the beginning of the world until all eternity .... that all beings ever separated from God find their way back to unite anew with the eternal Father as His true children .... and such a union can only take place if the earthly child never does anything other than this will through obedience to God's will .... if it thereby reaches a state of perfection and makes itself worthy of being a child of God .... For only in this way can you enter the realms of heavenly bliss, and only in union with the heavenly Father can you be granted the glory of heaven for eternity ....




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