Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0461 11.6.1938

Divine Grace ....
Necessity of prayer ....

Grace flowing to you is in itself a proof of the Lord's love, for without Divine help, you yourselves would not be able to free yourselves from the fetters of matter .... But the constant struggle and prayer for strength gradually removes you from the earth and it's desire ....

As a bird swings high into the air, leaving everything that sticks to the earth far behind it, so the soul will also rise more and more in spheres where the pressure of the weight of the earth no longer touches it so noticeably .... The body still resides on earth and must pursue the earthly activity, but this activity is no longer the main thing in life, but will take care of itself, perceptibly supported by the spiritual protective structures given to man .... those who do their utmost to preserve the soul of the earthly child in those spheres, and who want to prevent the decline of the earth with all their strength.

At the time of inner maturity, the soul will separate itself and always only desire spiritual surroundings .... it often leaves the body and stays predominantly in spiritual regions .... i.e., the world of thoughts in which such an earthly child prefers to stay, will from now on be purely spiritual, and of the earth and it's requirements, it wants to know little or nothing, but always has the desire to take up spiritual food in the form of spiritual truths.

The surest feeling of a higher development, is always the desire for spiritual food .... Whoever is still held on earth, does not long for this .... his sense wants other pleasures, and only where the soul has already refined and purified itself, it is anxious to penetrate into unfathomable things.  Such a desire will then also be encouraged and supported by all beings in the hereafter, which look after such a soul during it's time on earth.

Nothing is more dangerous for the soul than an everlasting saturation with earthly pleasures and joys .... it is completely unable to accept spiritual teachings and thus deprives itself of the greatest grace .... so it cannot pray - and, recognizing it's imperfection, begs the heavenly Father for help.  The Lord commemorates such people especially lovingly by leading them over thorny paths, through suffering and sorrows, so that they should finally find their way to the Father when they need help in great need and distress.  Once they have taken refuge in prayer, their eyes will be opened and this is already a grace that can lead them to the progress of the soul, when man himself has only some good will.

Never should man forget prayer .... As long as he can unite with the heavenly Father in prayer, the source of grace is open to him, and nothing will be too difficult for him in his life on earth if he makes use of this Divine grace .... by means of which he can also lend a hand in the work of shaping himself according to the will of God.  Without Divine grace, man can do nothing .... but with it, infinitely much - so pray that the Lord will consider you with His grace, and you need not despair .... For God's goodness endures eternally ....




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