Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0464 13.6.1938

The mystery of love ....

See My child .... even if the mystery of love gives you so many thoughts, you must still remain faithful to Me, even if you have not yet penetrated into it.  See I will give My children to know that they must acquire it all alone .... I put everything into their heart that is necessary for it, but they will only then be able to love Me completely, when their being has become completely love - and so the highest happiness to love Me, is always something that they can create for themselves all by themselves.  I will stir up the desire for it in the hearts of My children, and then it will be up to them to penetrate into the great mystery .... Whenever you do a work of love, you will feel it that you come closer to Me and then also every time your heart will feel a happiness, and this is an outflow of My love towards you.

Now, My child, practice love at all times, and you will prepare for yourself an unspeakable feeling of happiness, which is not like earthly love and yet gives you all bliss.  In the union with Me through acts of love the only necessary is established, because love necessarily brings together those who want to love each other .... What you did not understand in this way, you will suddenly understand, if you remain inseparably connected with Me through deeds of love .... A blessing of incomparable kind befalls the earthly children who are loyal and devoted to Me .... I never let go of these children from Mine .... I save them from all need and always hold My hands protectively over these .... but all the bliss of love they must prepare themselves because I can only give love there where the heart is capable of love .... where it only always performs acts of love.

So know, My daughter, that your body on earth had to renounce the love of earthly joys in order to belong to Me in ardent love .... know that you will be much happier when your deeds on earth will take effect .... And this time is no longer far away, My child .... Therefore perform all your works with zeal, that you serve the Lord of heaven and earth to the best of your ability, because as you serve, so you shall reign once .... but for this earth, a constant deep longing for Me will be your lot, which I will fulfill in excess, as you give Me your heart in eternity ....




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