Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Help the hardened ....

Just a little patience and you will experience an unexpected sign of Divine love .... The events of the time move perpetually according to the Lord's wise plan, even if often unrecognized by you people, and still the Lord has to intervene there where man allows himself encroachments into His power and will.  It means an unusual grace for you people when the Lord bows to you in such mercy that He again embodies Himself in the spirit of those who serve Him.  It is an indication of such importance that this alone should be enough to open your eyes.

But man, who is always wiser or thinks himself wiser, does not understand the supernatural.  Therefore his thinking will mostly move in what he sees and hears .... he does not recognize a spiritual work.  So now these people challenge God's power by expressing their own will so visibly that only the very stubborn will see in it also only a rule of nature .... The others, however, will feel the nearness of the Godhead, but afterwards also separate again into those who are truly willing and those who, after having survived danger, give themselves again to the world and forget their bodily and soul-troubles as soon as they are over.  The Lord must come to their aid again if they are not to perish in their blindness.

Every time has it's signs .... respect this, and you will easily recognize when the Lord Himself approaches following such signs .... Do not rebel when life is hard on you .... But listen inside and outside whether you hear the voice of the Lord.  You must not live in fear that the Lord will leave you if you desire Him .... He is always ready to help those who need and call on Him.  And with this help you can confidently face the most difficult time .... it will only bring you blessings, but never harm to the soul .... but sacrifices all earthly sorrow to the Lord, and you will be comforted tenfold by Him, your Divine Savior.

Because if you search Him out only in trouble, He has to let this trouble come over you when He wants to call His little children to Himself.  And many on earth will be in such distress .... We announce this to you for the sake of your salvation .... The Lord is never far from you, the time is near, but the world will not hear the voice of the Lord .... It wants to suffocate and destroy everything that is to give news .... it wants to educate people in spiritual blindness, but this is the work of darkness, which you, who can recognize and have free will, have to learn to regard for what it is and rescue yourselves out of such blindness out of your own will.

For God gave you a mind - use it rightly, and where you cannot see clearly, there ask for enlightenment and for the Father's help .... But never reject anything that can awaken you spiritually, because this is the most important thing in life, what everything on earth is for and what your whole life itself is for .... that you may know that you have received earthly life from the Father, to form your soul in Him, so that it may find it's way back to the Father from whom it came ....




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