Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0470 17.6.1938

Death in the Lord ....
Grief ....
Poor souls - prayer ....

A blessed death is to fall asleep in the Lord and awaken in the hereafter in fullness of light .... What is granted to you in life, will be much easier to bear if you accept it with a view into eternity, because you then live, as it were, only for this .... also know that an end has been put to all suffering in a short time when you measure it against eternity .... but you are allowed to enjoy the fruits of this suffering throughout eternity.  And so this is always to comfort you that your end can be a blessed one and even far more blessed then the entry into the heavenly kingdom.

So you bury your dead and weep for them, and yet this day should be a day of inner joy for you, when you consider that the soul has only exchanged this life on earth with a far more beautiful one, that man has removed all suffering from himself and now enters into a new life carefree and redeemed from all suffering, which outshines all earthly things in beauty and happiness .... Then why do you want to mourn?  So seek to gain such a lot in the hereafter already on earth, seek to free yourselves from everything that ties you to the world, and you will be able to part easily from this earth ....

But who loves the earth too much, also the parting from it will be very difficult for him .... he does not want to part from the goods of this world, his heart hangs too much on the earthly.  And this man also finds no place prepared for himself over there, where he can continue the good life of the earth.  He has neglected to work for that in life on earth and now has to serve through it for a long time before he is worthy of happiness in the hereafter.

There then man has the right to mourn for such a soul .... but not that it is departed from the earth, but only that the soul itself must now suffer unspeakably to become a part of what it should have acquired on earth .... Pray for this soul .... give them your strength through prayer, which they so urgently need .... Who truly loves such a soul, will be able to save it through this love, because love will be continuously active for such poor souls, which did not quite recognize their life and now have to live in want until they are redeemed from their guilt.

The Lord's care is continually there for you, so let your care also be given to those who are grateful to you from the bottom of their hearts for all help .... Remember that you too were misguided, who, led on the right path, is wrestling and striving to finally reach the kingdom of light .... But you, who still walk on earth, use this time wisely and only always long for the Lord, so that you do not taste death, but will live in eternity ....



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