Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0471 18.6.1938

Self-knowledge ....
Love ....

In this as well as in that life, only that which the soul recognizes for itself, has a lasting value; only then is it possible for it proceed upwards.  A progress without this knowledge is completely impossible because in spiritual darkness every action, whether here or in the hereafter, will only have a material effect .... i.e., it will always be based on material interests, and such interests can never promote the salvation of souls.  It is therefore of little value if man on earth also commits good actions only for the same reason.  Such acts are not regarded by God, because their power is small .... What is not done out of love, is also not pleasing before God .... It is only tribute to the world ....

Man with an active spirit, will have to realize that the earth with all that exists on it, is always only a means to an end .... That therefore the goods of the earth itself should never be desired, but everything in the world should only serve to be recognized as earthly, to be avoided, or used to be able to perform acts of love with it .... Thus, the Lord gives you abundant means that can lead you to the eternal goal .... But you use these for yourselves, you rejoice in them and crave them .... and so these means become works of the devil for you, through which he tries to pull you into his traps ....

But when you recognize the unworthiness of all earthly things and recognize yourselves, then you will win the victory over such temptations.  Surrendering all that you possess to help your neighbor with it, carries the greatest blessing in itself.  When man's spiritual knowledge has matured so far that he now can begin the work on his soul, then he will also follow his striving with full eagerness, and the thought that he comes close to the Redeemer through his striving, that everything what he gives away voluntarily on earth will one day be rewarded by the nearness of the Redeemer, will be his guiding star.

The more unconscious the urge towards the Savior is, the more it fills the heart out of deep love, the sooner this longing of the heart will be fulfilled and the more His nearness will make the earthly child happy, because everything, everything is rooted in love .... who has this, is already blessed here on earth and will one day be overjoyed in the nearness of the Lord .... where everything is only pure love.  Only when love completely fills your heart will all your thinking and acting on earth, it corresponds to the intention of the eternal Godhead .... Therefore cherish love, and your given measure in eternity will be exceeding blessedness in the proximity of the Lord ....




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