Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0474 19.6.1938

Compromise ....
Acceptance of the faith ....
Help in worldly need ....

Times will pass until mankind would accept the words of the Lord, because in their blindness they do not want to acknowledge the work from above.  And so it is now just God's wise plan to make people receptive for consolation through continual pressure .... Man never wants to be made aware of hard times in happiness, but in misfortune he willingly lends his ear to the consolations contained in the Word of God.  You shall hear what God's counsel has decreed for the children of the earth ....

A complete change of laws force man is forced to make so-called compromises in bondage of his will .... On the one hand he rejects the faith which teaches a continuation of life after bodily death .... but on the other hand he admits that the highest power belongs to a God-being .... and that this God-being can intervene where the pressure of earthly power seems unbearable to man.  There will come a time when the severity of the measures will be so great that there will be real resistance .... In such a situation the earthly child will then seek help from that highest Power ....

In place of the lack of faith there will then be a confidence which will be expressed in such a way that the inner resistance against the Divine teaching will break down and the Word of God will be accepted with all zeal.  The earthly power, on the other hand, will have to be content with only worldly things, because the Divinity has extraordinary means at His disposal where it is necessary to bring about a clarification in the spiritual field.  God will never allow that in such a difficult time, where man surrenders to His Word in trust in God, that man's confidence would be deceived ....

He will have to comply with the desire of man and visibly intervene to shake the earthly power so that faith in the Deity is strengthened and souls are brought to God the Lord in great numbers.  And if these have found the right way, also the force will have to give way .... it will break at the faith, which became far stronger than before.  Because what is still lacking in people today, they will still gain with God's help .... even if some time is yet to pass over it, because the Father in heaven knows what His children need .... And if they believe that they can achieve this without God's help, they will soon be proven wrong and confess the true faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, of their own accord. ....




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