Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0483 25.6.1938

Tests ....
Resilience ....
Live or die for the Lord ....

Behold, My child, for this purpose are the Lord's tests on the children of the earth, whether they persevere and remain active according to His will in spite of opposition and apparent difficulties, or immediately despondently abandon their intention and thus fail to comply with the Lord's will .... Every resistance has the advantage of stimulating a child of God to fight, and whoever fights for the Lord, his power of resistance must be tested so that it can also withstand the challenges.  That is why so many teachings are sent to you, on which you should first strengthen your faith, and indeed you must struggle yourself for this strong faith ....

For if you are idle, even a strong faith will weaken and be weakened, whereas a faith that has been hard won, will not waver so easily.  An always easy reception would certainly make you confident, but with the storms which the fighters of God experience, your faith could easily be damaged .... therefore I have to stimulate it more and more and let you fight for it until nothing can make this faith waver anymore, and then you will mature for your mission.

Therefore suffer and fight and trust in Me .... Always and constantly you must know how carefully I nevertheless take care of Mine, even though they also feel My nearness less .... I have to keep Myself aloof to be sought and desired, because sluggishness of the spirit can destroy everything that My love has established .... But fighting keeps awake and active .... and so shall My fighters be.

Your task will be to always carry Me in your heart, and thus strengthened for every struggle, to convey the Word of God to people where this is no longer to be offered publicly .... And then courage and holy zeal for this word of Mine must come .... , then the heart must be inflamed with love for the teacher of this word, it must be ready to die for the Divine Teacher, i.e., to give up it's body, if otherwise the word of God cannot penetrate among the people .....

And all this can only be brought about by faith .... Only he who stands firm in faith gives up everything for his Savior .... because for him there is then only one goal .... to serve his Lord, as it is in His will .... to live or to die ..... The earthly child must gratefully accept both from the hand of the Divine Father.  Living for the Lord is Divine law, and dying for Him is blessed, because giving everything for the Divine Savior makes the earthly child worthy of the promises of Christ .... and the Lord Himself receives him into His kingdom.

The Lord places unlimited trust in His servants that they will recognize His grace and strive to fulfill their task with all zeal .... However, this requires a deeply believing heart, and out of this the deep love will also be born which is a precondition for spiritual vision .... that in turn will make the earthly child unspeakably happy, who shows himself worthy of this grace.  And so, all of you, first take care of a rock-solid faith, and everything else will be granted to you as a result of this faith, and you will not need to fear that you will have to live in want or that the grace of your Savior will be withdrawn from you .... For those who abide in the Lord, are forever in His grace ....




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