Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0487 28.6.1938

Figurative appearance of the Lord figuratively ....

In indescribable light .... only visible to a God-like being, the highest entity hides and can only make itself visible to the earthly children, because an earth-being could never bear this fullness of light ..... Therefore, the Lord has decided to give His fullness of light a form, which enables you human children, when you are inflamed with deepest love for Him, to see Him tangibly before you .... but even then only as an appearance of short duration and so shadowy that afterwards, only a dream-like memory of it remains to you.  Any more would be unbearable for you who are still on earth, for it would make you unfit to fulfill your earthly duties ....

No human being, since it is still so far away from a God-like state, can bear the direct light of the Godhead without being completely destroyed in it ..... Yet the Lord is constantly near man on earth, often unrecognized, but tangibly present with His own through His gracious work .... And this fullness of grace is also expressed in the earthly children in such a way that the Lord lets them feel His great love in the form of an apparition brought close to them .... but these earthly children must make themselves worthy of this love in purity of heart and fullest adherence to His teaching, but they are thereby equipped with an extraordinary power for the time of their earthly change and this is to be used again for the winning of the salvation of the souls of the dear fellow human beings ....



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