Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0544 13.8.1938

Union of the spirit with the soul ....
Separation of body and earthly activity ....

Behold, My child, not in all people dwells the will to renounce the world, and always a quiet longing will make itself felt to perish in the hustle and bustle of the world, because this alone seems desirable to them.  But where a little child is loyally devoted to Me, there the will is also strong, and to such I transmit the strength and give nourishment to their spirit.  Heaven's food, My word, is the bread of life, and I teach them to understand all wisdom ..... If, however, the earthly child wants to lead a purely spiritual existence, then all My angels hold their hands protectively over him.

The slightest plea to Me will be heard .... the world will be removed from such an earthly child, and My breath passes into it's heart and fills it with longing for Me .... the flames of love blaze brightly, a bright glow of light envelops the soul, it's spirit awakens, and a covenant is made for eternity with all spiritual power.  This soul can no longer bear to stay on this earth, it walks, as it were, with it's eyes turned heavenward and looks for a place that suits it more .... but the body bears the burden of earthly existence until My call fetches the soul home and strips it of it's body-shell.

All this has become clear to you, and when you are now active for My name, your soul is far away from matter and therefore in the regions which are more suitable for it, and soon the body loses the proper connection with the soul, where the soul has created a sphere of action for itself which is distant from matter.  And likewise the soul will unite more and more with it's spirit and will then also want to be active only purely spiritually .... and so the human being will cope with the physical activity with the help of otherworldly friends without actually needing the activity or help of the soul, because the lack of strength is then compensated by the support of these spirit beings.

The earthly child can then devote all it's will-power  to the spiritual life, and the soul can continue to perform it's spiritual work and hence leads a separate existence from the body, although it is still earthly connected with the body ..... A proper separation of soul and body has therefore taken place, but only in the spiritual sense ..… The desire of the soul is a completely different one than the desire of the body, and since that of the soul finds the full approval according to the Divine order with God, so it can also go this way without damaging the body, making it unfit for the earthly task.  And so the body carries it out, but under the influence of good spiritual beings.  Do you understand this, My child? ....

If a union of the spirit with the soul is to take place, the body must withdraw anyway and is only an insubstantial cover in itself ..... The spirit however does not need this cover, seeks only to win the soul for itself, and if it has succeeded in this, but the earth task of man is not yet completely fulfilled, then this is continued under employment of external spiritual forces, and the soul can then follow it's spiritual task without restraint.  So the world is also no longer a danger for such an earthly child .... Whoever eats My bread and drinks My wine remains in My grace forever, because he wanted My strength, and so it had to be given to him .... he will satisfy his spirit's hunger with this bread at any time and quench his soul's thirst with the wine .... because My word contains truth and eternal love, and he who only remains in Me, will always be strengthened until all eternity ....




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