Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0551 21.8.1938

Commanding nature ....
Appropriating the power of God ....

Far from the world, you will hear the voice of your heavenly Father and realize that the most blissful peace beckons you when you are alone with Him .… Hear this: If My grace has so far protected you from the evil influence of the world and awakened in you the feeling to look for the true joys elsewhere than in the world's activities, then your gaze now more than ever turns towards the only true goal, and you now find happiness only in being connected with Me.  And so you prepare heaven for yourself already on earth, because desire will captivate you to such an extent that every minute which will demand other activities from you, will appear to you as a lost one.

But know, My child, that in a quiet hour you receive so much that your heart will feed on it for a long time and you can meet life joyfully and easily.  For the Father in heaven always has His donations of grace ready and distributes them among His children.  And so you find at the same time also the strength to let everything pass over you, and heaven blesses your work .... And because I want that nature also obeys you, banish this rain immediately by your will .... and take the strength for it from intimate prayer, because I want it thus ....

And remember, My child, that .... whoever commands nature in My name .... nevertheless makes My will his own, and this is his power .... I have everything to give you, if you will only receive .... So do not deprive yourself of grace and believe .... For faith strengthens your will and unites you with the elemental power of all existence .… you see My activity in nature .... what prevents you to look for the same power also in you, who are after all a part of Me .... The consciousness of being a child of God must raise you so high that everything must be subject to you if you subordinate your will to Mine .... And so man is also able to do everything, because he works through My power, which passes over into him, if he connects himself intimately with Me.

Only if you stand outside through too weak faith, My power does not have entrance with you, and then you fear and doubt and thereby grieve Me, because I want to call children strong in faith, My own.  Just as you now imagine which life dominates you .... if you can put yourself completely into the thought that My power and My will are then alone the origin of your life .... if you try to regard this life of yours as precisely the same power which wants to express itself in you .… then you will also be able to make My power your own, for then you will let this power, which is in you, break through the weak cover of resistance, and it can then work out of you .... so that you thus work through Me ....

Dear child, submit to My will so that I can give you great power, persevere in prayer and invoke your inner strength .... Let Me reign in you just once, and do not resist your desire, which after all only seeks Me and only through it's own weakness of will has not yet found Me properly.  Revive your spirit by continuing to seek Me .... and walk confidently on the path of truth .... the hour is not far off when you will see the right light and see with full will ....

Behold My child, miracles happen all times, but you do not pay attention to them; but if I now come to you today, then your heart is taken captive for eternal times, but you then can no longer fulfill My will on earth.  And so your longing will only be fulfilled when your earthly activity is finished.  But to all who fight for My name and suffer for My name's sake, I am so close that they will feel it tangibly - but for the time on earth, you will always draw the strength from My love, and by virtue of this love you will also look at Me unconsciously .... but this is for your soul, which will then also remain with Me forever and influence the body that it surrenders to Me.

You must first love Me with all your soul so that you will be able to endure great things for the sake of this love.  And then you can no longer do otherwise, you must make My will your own and remain unchangeably in Me.  And when you have reached this degree, then you may also see Me, and that for eternity, because My glow of love embraces you, and you will merge with Me and become pure love, and only then will you learn to understand why you children of the earth are the object of My great concern and love .... because you truly do not live for the world. ....

The spirit in you is My share, which I woo with all patience and love ..... To guide this to eternal fullness of light, is the only meaning and purpose of life.  You must hear the resounding of the heart and listen to it's sound within you and hear what the Lord God speaks to you, then you will certainly not desire the precious possession in vain .... you will hear the word and be informed of your task .... you will receive advice and help through this word and attain eternal bliss ....




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