Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Receive without interference ....

You must obey the inner voice and thus accept what is offered to you.  It took a long time before the words became audible to you, which always happens when matter opposes the spiritual striving too much.  And this was just the case with the food, which does not allow the body yet the full rest and thus also impedes the spiritual experience.  A full rest must first occur to ensure the reception of the spiritual gifts without disturbance.

Every material substance is opposite to the spiritual sphere, and so also an unhindered taking up of spiritual good can only take place when all bodily heaviness falls away and the spirit can and wants to deal only with the spiritual.  As soon as a certain rest has occurred and the body can be completely switched off, the recording is also considerably easier and therefore you will have to reckon with resistances and difficult recordings as long as you still pay too much attention to the body with it's needs.

If you can put all such things aside and immediately put yourself into the state of absorption, then soon also every burden on the body will disappear, you will become insensitive to physical inhibitions and complaints, and you will be completely detached from matter for the duration of the reception.  Seek to attain this state by surrendering yourself with full will to the spiritual power alone, without paying attention to the surroundings or the body hindering you, this striving will be crowned with great success and your work will only become more and more perfect.

Jesus gave His disciples an extremely valuable teaching on the Mount of Olives and tried to make clear to them, too, the concept of unhindered penetration of the power of God into the believing earthly man who withdraws from all the world.  And it happened while He was speaking that all felt the power in themselves and could thus follow Him spiritually without their actual input.  This power will also pass into you, if you only expect this power in full faith and desire to accept it.  And so turn to the truths today, which are to reach you on behalf of the Lord:

Every soul has in itself the urge towards the eternal Godhead, but body hinders it to comply with this urge.  An eternal law destines the soul to the same activity of the body assigned to it, and this law must be complied with until the body, as mere matter, separates from the soul again - i.e., until the soul becomes free from the earthly cover.  Every soul, however, chooses for itself the body for the time on earth in which it can best attain the maturity it needs .... because in every soul slumber the urges of so many unpurified nature spirits which, after thousands of years, have finally united into one spirit-being in order to strive for their last perfection in the human envelopment.

But as those nature spirits were active before in the creation, so they will also have to follow a similar destiny in the human body .... there will always regularly appear certain characteristics which find their explanation from the previous life of the soul.  And so the body will often have to adapt itself to these previous states, why then often is spoken of an inheritance.  The more versatile the human being is, the greater variety of soul-particles his soul has to show and the harder will be the fight which such a soul has to pass in earthly life, because the body enters into every desire of the soul and both body and soul must now, during the earthly time, try in cooperation to become master over all these peculiarities which are inherent in the human being ....

And so the human being has always to realize in which relation the body stands to the soul .... as the activity of the body should always only serve the soul for redemption, so that such a redeemed soul finds it's way back to the Godhead.  But how, on the other hand, the soul suffers immoderate agonies when it is held back from it's true destiny by the resistance of the body and it's worldly desires, and the dark shell around it becomes denser and denser .… All efforts of such a soul to break through the encumbering shell are in vain, if the body does not help it, because the body alone creates or removes the obstacles by which the soul is surrounded.

And in this realization, the human being must continuously strive to serve his soul, i.e. to support it with all his strength, to get rid of it's fetters, and thus the body must always defeat itself where the soul's individual character is particularly strongly felt ..… For the body has the greatest power to fight just that, since the constitution of the body has been assigned to the soul just as it is necessary for this [cause] ....




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