Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0563 31.8.1938

Earthly and otherworldly happiness in love ....
Spheres of light ....
Looking inward ....
War ....

Detach yourselves from earthly pleasures with all your might and remain in My love ..... This will replace you a thousandfold what you give up for My sake.  And so heavenly peace will unfold in you .... you will find all happiness on earth in My love and be inextricably united with Me.  Let this be your principle, that you give up everything for My sake, then you will receive infinitely more than you have given, because if I refresh you, your desire will truly be for nothing else. .… And you are in great need of refreshment for your salvation .... you do not know the joys of heaven and thus do not appreciate the value of My promises, but you will revel in unspeakable bliss if you follow My words ....

What does the world offer you in contrast .... Only sham goods and sham happiness .... But true happiness is only with Me, who created you .... Only this much you must know, that you have that blissful state for an unlimited period of time .… without end .... created for you .... that you will always feel the same desire for it and that this desire will be satisfied again and again through My love .... and that you will not be able to measure and evaluate such on earth, yet it will be desired by you in eternity.

This fulfillment of your longing is incomparable, and for this you have to endure earthly life with all the pain and suffering .... To make that blissful state of happiness accessible to you, My love is constantly striving, because since endless long times, the glory of God exists and will remain until all eternity.  The more intimately an earthly being can feel for it's Creator .... the greater the love of the earthly child is for the heavenly Father, the more versatile is the experience in the spiritual on earth.

Man already dwells on earth in spheres of light, if he cherishes the love for the Divine Savior in his heart and if the love has thus ignited to the highest ardor, then the Lord is in the fullest form of light in the middle of the heart .... a look inward lets His image shine, and from an overflowing heart, an intimate prayer rises up to the Father, Who gives to His child so abundantly.  Behold, My child .... compare once that time of My walk on earth with the endeavor of the present time .... Everything that opposed My teaching at that time was from the kingdom of darkness.

Those people who accepted My word were very willing, but it was only a small part in relation to those who rejected My word.  In later years, however, the number of My so-called followers increased, but these followers were not My true disciples .… They had made themselves something according to My teaching, and now in the following centuries, wars after wars arose around this teaching.  Always a certain fight for My word was the cause, and this already could not be the right teaching, established by Me, for the sake of which bloodshed among mankind arose.

The progressive age period, however, became weary of faith .... and soon also no longer recognized the pure Divine in this teaching, but it moved further and further away from the true faith instead of accepting My unadulterated word, which again and again was given to the people according to My will.  But now, in order to guide mankind on the right path of recognition, once again a great shaking of entire religions, respectively of the teachings represented on earth, which were supposed to be My work, had to come…. and this shock should now lead to it that mankind seriously asks itself what the eternal Deity demands from it.

So again My teaching shall arise among the people, and this will not be confirmed by any war or the like, also no religion will fight the other, but that alone will be decisive whether people will want to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Redeemer of the world and accept His teaching as the only truth or whether they think to banish everything true into the realm of legend and renounce all faith in the Redeemer.  But this will never be a question of dispute which could lead to a war.  The living example of these words of Mine is anyway the long prepared fight against all faith, which rages everywhere, but is decided only in the heart of the people ..... Everyone will outwardly fulfill the will which the earthly power proclaims .....

But I fight for your hearts .... I do not want outward faith .... I want deepest inner experience and your true devotion to Me .... This battle must be fought in the heart and will never refer to worldly events, but always only to the acceptance of My pure word or it's rejection.  Now the world has become far too entangled in earthly interests and will only ever stage a war for such, but never will the question of the eternal Godhead tempt it to conjure up a war.  People today are so far removed from spiritual experience that they would not make it the focus of a world conflagration; on the other hand, material interests are extremely prevalent and these alone can be the source of hostilities.

Thus, those predictions (John 16: 8) essentially refer to the wars arising from spiritual causes and a final elimination will not be possible until the whole of mankind has entered a more spiritual state, which then, however, also vouches for a completely different soul-attitude.  All phenomena of the present time, however, point to a de-spiritualization of the generations, and the state of peace, which encompasses the whole earth, will still be far away.  Such, My child, shall restore your inner peace, and in full faith you shall accept the words .... as pure truth and given in love .... For light shall be given to you, if you ask for it ....




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