Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0566 1.9.1938

Lie and truth ....

The greatest evil is the lie .... if you recognize the truth and still do not respect it, you let the spirit of lies gain power over you .... and it's power is greater than you believe, because it poisons your whole thinking .... it takes away all power of judgment and always has a myriad of vices and evils behind it, which all have their origin in the lie.  If the light is to shine for you, you must remain in the truth, because where the lie is, there is also darkness.  No soul likes such darkness, but it is inevitably pushed into it where truth is not respected.  All tribulation comes from the lie ....

The lie opens the door and gate to the evil passions and desires .... it is often so inconspicuous in itself and yet destroys all good instincts in man.  And so all corruption is rooted in the lie, because it is a product of darkness.  And so listen up: As long as you do not make an effort to cultivate the purest truth within you .... as long as you take refuge in paraphrases or untruths, no matter how small, the spirit of truth will never be able to enlighten you, because you can only unite with the eternal Godhead when you are completely pure of heart and detest the lie with all your heart.

And you now see the consequences of a web of lies swell to tremendous consequences .... You do not know how enormous the effects of the lie are .... how it produces evil and reproduces itself, always giving birth to new lies .... And therefore the lie is the death of the soul, as the pure truth means the light from the heavens for this.  But if you stand up for the truth, it will remain light and bright in you, and you will defeat the lie .... For just as the lie is mighty in it's power and constantly brings about evil, the pure truth is much stronger and can illuminate the night of the lie with the brightest light by virtue of it's power ....

And if mankind would only seek the truth, this would force the lie to it's feet and bring infinite blessings over the earth.  Thus, however, too many opposing forces prevail and are fought little or not at all, and the lie spreads over the whole earth and brings about unbelievable destructions ..... And this is a reason why so little faith is given to the possibility of a pure-spiritual connection between the earth and the beyond.  What is not so easily comprehensible to people, they immediately throw into the realm of lies .... they do not examine, but immediately reject, because they know the lie and it's accompaniments only too well and know that it's devastations extend over all areas ....

Pure truth is lie in their eyes .... They are much more likely to accept the lie unchecked .... If they were to turn to God for enlightenment, they would soon lose all doubt and their power of judgment would be sharpened, and they would very soon know how to distinguish truth from lies.  In their hearts it would become bright, and they would flee the lie as the most shameful work of the evil .... But as long as mankind does not take refuge in prayer .... and pleads for knowledge of the truth, it will remain subject to the lie, and that by it's own fault .... For the Lord imparts the pure truth to His children on earth and wants to offer it to all people ..... But who will accept it? .... Only a small part, but the others grope in blackest darkness and remain children of lies of their own will, and so they will hardly reach eternal life, because only the truth guarantees them this ....




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