Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0569 4.9.1938

Omnipotence and wisdom ....
Not arbitrariness ....
Presumption ....

All that I created on earth is based on a wise intention, and to understand this, I guide you into the sphere where you learn to comprehend spiritually .... And even if it seems to you as if God only acts arbitrarily, an observation of the Divine creation is enough and it will become clear to you that your thinking was very wrong .… If you connect yourselves with spiritual power, all earthly heaviness will fall off you; likewise every spiritual work will go better and better, if the spirit is able to separate itself from all matter.  Now you will feel those forces coming to you which make you capable of extraordinary achievements ....

So also the Spirit of God rules in nature in the same relation to the things which stand outside of the directed creation .... i.e., the omnipotence of God will always express itself in matter, but in the spiritual, the wisdom of the Divine Creator ..… Since wisdom and omnipotence are manifested in every work of creation, each of these works will not owe it's existence to the arbitrariness of God, but will have been created for a specific purpose and meaning.  Everything will correspond to a wise sense and therefore radiate and testify to the wisdom of God in both spiritual and material respects to every thinking person.

But all reference to such a kind of well-ordered planned creation is not enough for man that he surrenders himself fully believing and trusting in the Divine omnipotence, but man is always struggling with God because of his fate imposed on him and does not recognize all measures of the eternal Deity as wise and well-considered. .… He grumbles and complains and yet cannot comprehend in his small mind how little power of judgment is inherent in himself .... May a man even presume to object to or condemn what is done by the will of God?

And yet man so often transgresses against the commandment of love for God ..... In deepest humility he should receive everything that comes over him, whether good or bad, and always only consider that everything corresponds to a wise purpose.  If he strives to develop his spirit, he must soon realize that in all events he experiences such a visible intervention of the eternal Godhead - and that from this Godhead, all threads of the eternal creation emanate .... thus the entire universe is the proof of the Divine love, which manifests itself in all things on and above the earth and testifies to His infinite wisdom and omnipotence ....




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