Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0575 6.9.1938

Floods of love ....
Palace of the rich ....
Hut of poverty ....

In the floods of Divine love all may submerge who comply with the Divine will and are only concerned about their soul's salvation.  Whereas mankind is occupied only with daily worries and lives full of thoughtlessness, the strengthening bath will be very much missing, because without Divine love, it will never be able to free itself from worldly desire.  But love is so easy to acquire .... Only a loving thought to Him who has given you life .... only a thanks for it and the desire to always do the right thing on earth in the sense of Him who has created you .... And already you are seized and led by the love of God, and this as long as you are of good will.

But if you turn away from the thought of God .... you want to carve out life for yourselves according to your own liking, then God will also turn away from you, because He loves everyone intimately who acknowledges Him, but does not impose His love on anyone who wants to walk on earth on their own.  How easy people could make life for themselves if they would walk with Him in all situations, in joy or sorrow .... how much more joyful would be - and how easily bearable - the sorrow .... if you would share everything with Him, the Lord and Savior, Who is always close to you with His love.

If people see their God in earthly possessions, they will find only a hard heart there, because earthly wealth is not able to ennoble human hearts, but all vices and evil are rooted in the desire for gold and goods .... for earthly possessions .... Where can you find Divine love in this?  The Lord dwells where He is called upon, but the call to Him seldom goes up from the palace of the rich, but all the more often from the hut of poverty.  The darkest misery often forces man to take refuge in God and to turn to Him for help, and a man who is not attached to earthly goods, can offer himself completely to the heavenly Father.  How compassionately God's love descends upon such a human child .....

Those people, however, who revel in riches and do not find their way to the Father, have to live in poverty in spite of all their riches ..... They grab up everything from the world that it offers them, but they are in great spiritual poverty, because spirit and soul are in unspeakable poverty, since they lack the love of God.  Worldly splendor and worldly power do not replace the power of grace of Divine love, all the more you humans must be anxious to acquire it, since it is accessible to all of you and everyone can climb into the floods of Divine love, so that he is strengthened in body and soul and finds strength in abundance for the task which is set for him for earthly existence ....




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