Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Foolish virgins ....
Woman in the night ....
Earth wanderer ....

There are so many possibilities given to people to ease their way, and so everyone is inevitably able to master life, if only he always lets God rule as Lord.  But people often presume a judgment before they have seriously examined .... are therefore often very close to the source of grace and do not find it, because they believe to be able to do without the refreshment.  If now the heavenly Father has mercy on such earthly children and wants to make it quite easy for them to find the way upwards, and averts hard resistance, then the valley of life is henceforth for these people a vessel without content .... their lot continues to be barren emptiness of the heart, which they try to banish by worldly interests.

In such distress are also your fellows who do not take hold of the Father's saving hand, and their behavior is like that of the foolish virgins who go out into darkness and leave the light of home.  Where such a bright light shines, that it can illuminate far around, and nevertheless this light is shunned, there the love of the Divine Savior can do just as little until the day will come, when they will remember you with remorse ..... And in this hour a parable will come to you, which shall explain the love of the Father to His own quite vividly ....

In the darkest night, a woman walks through desolate streets and carries within her the longing to be at home.  Longing and hope drive her to greater haste, and soon she sees a shining light in the distance ..... In her heart she prays to God that this light may shine for her on her way home.  And God heard her prayer, and bright light broke through the darkness of the night .... He gave her strength and did not let her tire until she reached the goal .... And this bright light was the faith .... the strength was the love .... and her steps were the will .... As soon as she turned to the Father in supplication, she was helped, the night became day, for faith, and with it love, entered her heart.  Who among you earth wanderers does not need this bright light?! ....

Who among you can find the way to the eternal home without faith?  .... And where you lack the strength of love, there you are like a wanderer who never strives to get ahead .... who only always complains about the long way and yet makes no effort to reach the destination.  He lacks the will, and without it he remains in the same place all the time.  Man always remains on the same level, if his will does not become active, in order to then break through the dark night through faith and love and go towards the shining morning.

Let this be said to all the world, that without will, faith and love the eternal home is unattainable .... that without these, the wanderer lies weary on the road, that his money in his bag is of no use to him if he does not recognize the abyss in the darkness and deviates from the right path .... On the other hand, the brightest light of grace will shine for the earth wanderer who calls to the Father in childlike faith, and the way to the homeland will be easily and quickly accessible to him.  For the love of God protects him and gives him the strength he needs ....




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