Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0577 10.9.1938

Soul chooses its place of residence as a human being itself ....
Humans as a creating power ....

The path the soul has to travel before it is worthy of the Lord's nearness in its state of maturity is infinitely long. Regardless of this, the soul nevertheless takes this fate upon itself, at first without its own will, only obeying God's will, but before the birth of the human being it nevertheless chooses its place of residence in free and clear realisation in which environment it can best reach its state of maturity. Although this is also an order from God, it submits to it with full will and without hesitation takes the path which will result in its final liberation from the rigid form, from matter, and this in a time which it can determine itself .... depending on its fulfilment of its earthly task.

To an indescribable extent the opportunity is now offered to her to live only of liberation from her last shell ..... It need only want and submit to God's orders, which it can also oppose by virtue of its free will. And its state becomes increasingly lighter and purer and moves towards spiritualisation. Wherever the soul is opposed, God's help will not be lacking by strengthening its will, which demands upwards. Only completely unwilling people .... who don't have the slightest will to ascend .... cannot receive this strength, since it originates from love for God .... but love for God also triggers the will to come closer to Him .....

Thus the human being need only ever recognise God's greatness, omnipotence and goodness, then love will also take root in him and this will generate the firm will to ascend into the proximity of the heavenly Father again. Thus all efforts of the beyond will always first be directed towards making the miracle of creation visible to the earthly child .... and through it it will enter into living contact with the Creator, then a deep reverence will take hold of the human being and the creation will instruct him more and more thoroughly ..... For everything in the world only happens because of man and is only there because of man ....

Thus the eternal Deity is always willing to let the earthly child participate in the work of creation, for it also gave the human being the power to create on earth and to let things come into being in a small measure .... and this power should already let the ignorant human being recognise his relationship to the divine Creator, that he is in the smallest way the same as the eternal elementary power from Whom he originated. The power of creation is inherent in every human being, even in the unknowing. Each one has a different ability and can thus work on earth completely independently, partly producing himself .... partly fathoming cause and effect and making his knowledge useful to the creator. Thus divine strength dwells in every human being, it is only up to him how he uses it.

The presence of God's power in man should lead to the realisation of whose creation he actually is. But anyone who blindly passes by everything wonderful and in self-conceit believes that he has placed himself on the level of earthly existence through his own strength will have to take the path of embodiment or bondage for a long time to come, for matter will hold him captive until he has recognised it. God always confronts the human being with new questions, events and decisions, and countless possibilities are given to him where he can find the connection to eternity, to the heavenly Father. When he has to recognise in his weakness that his power alone is no longer enough ....

All resistance should then be broken if the human being would humbly bow his will before the One to Whom all power belongs .... People's boundless self-love is what makes it so difficult to find the path to the Father .... The human being always wants to make himself the centre of attention and everything around him should serve him to fulfil his wishes. Instead of serving the Lord and Creator of heaven and earth with all that is his .... This will earn him a greater reward one day than he can ever achieve with all his efforts on earth and will return him to the original state which will make him free and infinitely happy for all eternity ....



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