Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0578 10.9.1938

Turn of the century ....
God's power ....
Healing the sick ....

Behold, My child, many of your spiritual friends have gathered around you and give you news of My will.  So remember that you are also one of My faithful and have to fulfill a task that requires your full devotion.  But I want to increase your strength and strengthen your faith, as you desire.  So connect with Me in spirit and listen:

You shall become alive and see My kingdom in spirit, and you will experience miracles and feel the power of My love in you.  Only rarely does a person have the perseverance that is necessary for the fulfillment of such a task on earth, and that is why I want to stand by you in every situation of life, that you shall always feel the nearness of your Savior.  Keep a pure heart and give love everywhere, then you will receive My grace, and this will make you truly alive .... It is granted to you to be able to draw strength from the Source, and in the future, food and drink will be offered to you, so that you never need to hunger and thirst for spiritual food.  But now be quite attentive and lend Me your ear:

You humans think about the turn of the century and believe that the time will come when I will come to earth Myself .... But then you would no longer experience this My coming on earth as earthly people .... But you are called to be witnesses of My glory and harbingers who are to prepare mankind for it, because the day is no longer far away.  Behold, I still give you time and postpone further and further to avert the great suffering of millions and millions of people.  And that is why I want to endow you with great strength, so that those who want to see the morning when the first rays of the rising sun illuminate the universe, will still be awakened from sleep.

Therefore again and again prophets are sent out to mankind, who are to warn and enlighten .... who are to save the souls in love and are to announce the love of God to the people so quite vividly.  And so in this time, which precedes My coming, there will be such an unspeakable struggle for the lost souls, and no-one will remain on earth without spiritual guidance .... I impart the pure truth to people and let them gain insight into My entire creation and make sure that all My power also flows to you whom I have called, and will be at your disposal, if you only want something in My name out of love for the neighbour.  Soon the proof of My words will be delivered to you, and then pay attention to it .....

What you start early in the morning, will always be blessed.  Because you then work in all strength.  Therefore, always let the sick strengthen their aching limbs in the morning, and then lay your hands on them in My name, and you will succeed in restoring them to health, and all infirmities will fall from them .... I lovingly put this on your heart, My child, that you act as your Father demands of you ..... Once your will has been strengthened, you will achieve great things and shall do this for Me and My name, in order to give notice of My return on earth.  Behold, it is now already two weeks that I have announced to you the way how you can attain a firm will ....

You must take this deep into your heart and make an effort to put the words into action.  You will not be left without help, but your hesitation must be overcome, and unconditionally you must accept what I bring to your attention.  Behold, so few earth children give Me their full will and perseverance ..... But I need them, so that I Myself can work through them among My earthly children.  I have no other aim than to make infinitely many people happy and therefore need your help on earth because you are My instruments through which I can speak to people unhindered and yet be listened to by them without shyness.  But as long as you do not have the firmest faith, you will not carry out what I ask of you.

You are to receive everything from Me to be able to stand up for Me, and I want to give you My strength that you can achieve unbelievable things .... to proclaim My name to all the world anew .... because the time is getting closer and closer which I have announced to Mine for the rising of the spiritual morning sun.  And if you, My servants on earth, want to fulfill My will, then only always keep to the words that I give you and have given you .... for I am eternally the same, I am the truth and the life .... whoever has Me, will never die in eternity - and whoever works in My name, will be strengthened by My will and by My power which overflows into him and enables him to work like Me .... for I have all power from the beginning and until all eternity ....



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