Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0584 14 & 15.9.1938

Work of the spiritual forces ....
Inner life ....
Grid ....
Mercy of God ....
The necessity of sorrow ....

It is in the power of the Most High to let whole worlds come into existence .... and likewise it is also possible for Him to dissolve everything into nothingness, but what is of God will never perish, and if the earth with it's inhabitants becomes entangled in the deepest darkness, it will never be destroyed, but immediately the good forces will seek to win back all beings on earth.  An endless fight will apply to all those powers which counteract this endeavor of the good spiritual forces.  Such an undertaking will, however, extend for millennia, but Divine love never ceases, and this love causes that no being moves away from the highest Divinity forever, but gradually approaches it's starting point again, even if in truly endless time.

There is no question that the spiritual forces come into situations where all their efforts and work seem hopeless, but they can approach the most difficult problems by virtue of their perfection .... they can initiate man into everything, both in the earthly and in the spiritual sphere .... they can first train him to become a person capable of thinking and judging, put questions into his heart which he seeks to fathom .... they can make the wonders of creation vivid to him so that the spirit in him becomes active .... and after a person is thus prepared, they approach him with the most important task of life ....

They direct his sense upward toward the eternal Creator, and now an awakening of the inner life begins in the properly preformed earthly man .... searching and questioning .... sensing and feeling.  And if man has come so far, then he is no longer lost for eternity, then the heavenly Father Himself puts him in the position to take care of this inner life, so that it grows and prospers and bears fruit.  Whoever has once reached this stage can no longer fall back, for he has eaten the bread of life and will eternally desire it and yet also be satiated.

Only the tired and sluggish person finds the ascent tremendously difficult, because as he does nothing to expose his body to any effort, so he also leaves the soul in permanent inactivity, which is equal to death.  For a spiritually active man is, as it were, at the source of life, where he finds refreshment in abundance, but to the sluggish man, like in a desert, no refreshment will beckon, he only always carelessly pass this by .... has no desire for spiritual strengthening, and his soul is therefore in constant need, as long as the body functions empty of Divine grace.  In this way, the soul does not leave its shell so easily.  (15.9.1948) In a way, this is like a barrier that can only be opened through the mercy and love of others ....

Now, if man does not make himself worthy of this mercy, no assistance can be given to him either, but again the slightest act of love is enough to give the soul the mercy and love of God.  In the sphere of the world beyond, only mercy and love can intervene helpfully, because the soul is not able to do anything out of it's own power .... it only has to have the will to separate from matter and to desire to ascend .... but otherwise it is completely dependent on the love of other spirit-beings or the prayers of earthly people, while the earthly existence gives it daily or hourly possibilities to cultivate a love-field for itself, which again bears rich fruits for the life beyond, and it does not need to starve there.

The soul leaves earthly life either with a treasure of imperishable goods, as there are the works of love for the neighbor ..... or it stands completely empty before the entrance gate to eternity and remembers ruefully what it missed on earth.  The state of their helplessness is so extremely oppressive that, if mankind would know about it, they would never be so hardened to prepare this state for their soul ..... But even if they are told, they do not believe it and still remain unteachable, because all messages from the other side disturb their enjoyment of life, and therefore they prefer to deny everything and easily ignore things that come from the invisible realm.

The world wants to be touched hard .... with all love and kindness alone the Divine Saviour does nothing, because they do not hear this voice of love or intentionally ignore it .... so only such events which shake the calmness of man can still bring help, that only then he becomes aware of not living arbitrarily on earth, but everything must have it's well-considered reason and final purpose .... If God in His love is not heard, then He must let man feel His power, so that thereby the resistance is broken and he recognizes the greatness of Him Who created him.




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