Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0586 17.9.1938

Banished powers ....
Matter is a carrier of spiritual substance ....

All powers of heaven and earth are, as it were, held under the spell of My will, because if they were to express themselves completely and without restraint, people would freeze with horror.  A single moment of unhindered unfolding of the forces of nature would have to fall victim to everything that exists on and above the earth.  But the effect of the evil spiritual power would be even more devastating if it had unrestricted influence on people.  But there is a limit to these powers where the soul decides for the good.  Thus also those souls remain untouched from the danger constantly surrounding them to become hopelessly lost .... i.e., they are not exposed to the forces whose effort is to dissuade the soul from the once seized intention and to become unfaithful to itself.

Who in the whirlpool of life has not yet recognized the violence of such hostile power, his spirit has not yet penetrated into that world, which testifies to God's greatness and omnipotence.  Good and evil forces are fighting against each other, each of them lets it's power come to full effect .... Every being feels the influence of both, and yet people are moving away from the belief in such supernatural forces .... They attach too much importance to their earthly life and have thus become completely incapable of distinguishing the concepts of creation .... So also those people would certainly animate the earthly valley, but in full ignorance of their task, would be like those plants only a witness of God's will of creation, but without any nameable use for himself and his fellow men.

And such a person could also never ever be active in a spiritual way; every ability would be withheld from him because he would not make use of such ability the way the Creator intended.  All matter carry spiritual substance .... and everything what arises on earth has always only the purpose of the higher development, but it is never left to the human being to deprive matter arbitrarily of this spiritual power .... But people would always lose the Divine grace who regard God's creation so imperfectly that they deny the soul to the smallest being in nature the Divine power .... They do not consider the close connection of themselves to those small beings .....

They are convinced of their mission on earth only when they detect the same in all other creatures, and this cannot be made credible to them ..... According to their concept, all value of life lies only in the exercise of their own earthly activity.  These they put first and from now on remain anxiously concerned about the welfare and woe of the body ..... This, My child, shall ease your striving and give you new nourishment, so that your will does not slacken and that you will continue to devote yourself to your spiritual work full of joy.  Faith shall revive you and strengthen every deed of love, and My love shall be granted to you at all times .... because in the love for Me, you will find everything that is beneficial to your senses and your spirit .... it brings you into the state of ever greater desire, and this will be fulfilled by your Lord and Saviour Himself ....



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