Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0591 22.9.1938

True representatives of the Word of God ....
Position in earthly life ....

So know that a righteous judgment will express itself where one will stand up for the name of the Lord.  These are the true representatives of My word on earth, who shrink from nothing and follow the voice of their heart.  Such people cannot always withdraw from earthly life, for their position often requires them to persevere in a place they have chosen themselves, and yet again the spiritual powers come to their aid even in this situation, so that they can separate themselves from every activity that is directed against the Word of God.  In direct connection with their earthly activity, they are also offered the opportunities for lively spiritual exchange and thereby also find the necessary strength to resist where commitment against the Word of God is demanded of them.

If a man has only confessed his God, then the fellow humans are not able to throw him off track and even find in him an energetic opponent who fully stands up for what he has recognized as the truth.  Only always convey the pure truth to them, then they also stand up for it with all their heart and do not fear any earthly power.  They will associate with suffering, it will only give them bigger and bigger cause to be active spiritually .... All their efforts will be aimed at learning to understand divine providence .... They will recognize in every adversity a test by God and regard the whole earthly existence to be a purification process, and their endeavor will be to work on themselves to the best of their ability, well recognizing the only purpose of earthly life.

If the truth has been revealed to them, then they are faithful to the divine Creator and willingly sacrifice their well-being and earthly goods to Him, because the word of God, His love and grace are considerably more important to them than earthly goods.  The Lord makes those think twice .... by sending them the truth from several sources ..... Only the attentive observer sees how the threads of the eternal Godhead converge .... and He will direct man's steps to where he hears the voice of God.  The desire for it has become so strong in him that he will always be on the right track, regardless of whether obstacles threaten him from outside.  He remains true to himself and does not leave the Father, if he has recognized Him .... Therefore, he will also stand in the protection of Him, Whom he carries in his heart, and he will be allowed to walk his path without worrying about falling victim to the work of earthly power.  Therefore, always let your Father in heaven be your guide .... He alone knows what you need .... He alone has the power to avert physical and spiritual harm from you, and He alone will one day give you the reward He has promised to those who are faithful to Him.   The greatest power and the surest protection is His Word .... If you have this, you will go through earthly life without danger and reach the goal ....




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