Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0593 24.9.1938

Light beings in matter ....
Help the weak-willed ....
Humility ....

In the name of Jesus begin: And the way will be shown to you which leads to the salvation.  The earth will hold innumerable beings, which descend to the people from the kingdom of light, and all these beings pass over into matter, and they likewise seek the connection to mankind .... by using it, by letting the spiritual work strongly out of themselves, in order to overflow into the earthly people who get in touch with this matter.  And so a new bond is created from the light to the dark night .... This light will spread strong brightness and will cause a feeling of well-being in it's bearer.  And so, again, the opposite pole will lose power, because also that which is it's abode will be seized by good spirit and will weaken the evil and immediately turn it into the opposite.

In this way the Lord seeks to grant assistance to those who are well in the fight with darkness, but do not have the necessary willpower .... and who indeed want the good, but do not fight sufficiently .... Their will, however, lets God mercifully intervene, and the great love of these light-beings willingly carries out this task to save souls for eternity .... Such an undertaking is by no means harmless for these light-beings embodied in matter, since it likewise requires and presupposes a great spiritual power .... but the light-beings help each other, since none is subject to the power of the evil .... And thereby a grace is offered to the people which cannot be measured by human intellect.

People will still have to bear a lot of suffering, but whoever senses that life does not only impose earthly duties on him .... , whoever quietly contemplates whether and how he fulfills God's will, can expect such a willing response from the spiritual world; and what he then touches in a blissful foreboding of the helpfulness of unfathomable powers, will radiate such power upon him ..... And so the Lord lets especially those, whose mind is receptive for His gifts of love, taste the divine power .... And when they then pay attention to their free state, when they become aware of their longing upward .... for detachment from this earthly world ...., then the word of God will also be proclaimed to them at the right time, and with a hungry soul, they willingly accept it.

The country, which is promised to them, they do not look for now any more on earth ..... Similarly, the charge which the forces of light voluntarily took upon themselves, if they succeeded in awakening a soul to spiritual morning, succeeded.  The only aim of all light beings is to gather the divine and to lead it back, so that it recognizes the eternal Godhead and merges with it again eternally.  Where such great help is offered to you by the infinite love of God, it only requires your will for good ..... The Lord recognizes the weakness of His creatures and does not want to let this be the cause of ruin and therefore strengthens you where you yourselves lack the strength.  In everything that surrounds you, this strength will come to your aid, and you may only pay attention that your spirit becomes active and demands clarification ....

The Lord prepares the most unique experience for you and lets everyone take part in it.  Only the hardened and completely turned away from God will want to dismiss this experience with a contemptuous demeanor ..... But the rest of you, who feel in your heart that the Father is calling you, do not pay attention to these people and do not let yourselves be distracted .... but accept what the voice of your heart tells you .... listen to the Father's call and give yourselves to Him with all your will and you will experience His strength and love in yourselves, you must not waver once you have made the resolution to commend yourselves to the Lord. Only your complete devotion makes you more than strong, but those who resist, will become weak .... because their strength is not from God, it is a deception of the evil one who incites them to resist in order to plunge them into the abyss forever.

Thus a time of grace is granted to the earth, which will make itself exceedingly beneficially felt in the midst of suffering and misery, for those who are in misery will seek and find help .... and often in a miraculous way .... Watch for signs, for the Lord will make Himself known everywhere .... Jesus Christ is near to you .... to deliver again from the bonds of darkness all who are of good will.  And He will come as He has promised.  He will gather His own around Him and be in the midst of them .... and He will be close to everyone who willingly opens his heart to Him .... Whoever prepares a home for Him in his heart, will have to expect His grace and love and will always feel the caring Father's hand for the time on earth .... "Let the little children come to Me", His call will sound to all who want to recognize Him as Father .... "for theirs is the kingdom of heaven ...."




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As a native English speaker with a love and understanding of these revelations, you have the right qualifications to help further translate this great work and participate in its dissemination. Your possible cooperation is expected with pleasure.

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