Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0594 24.9.1938

Separation from matter ....
Arrogance ....
Awareness of weakness ....

It is of indescribable advantage when all inclination to matter is stifled in man, when the spirit can free itself from it and thus can take  the flight into infinity unhindered.   The world keeps the soul on earth with iron fetters, and only a strong will succeeds in loosening such fetters, and if now for the time of the earthly existence man lacks any strength and lets himself be driven willy-nilly by the storm of passion, the world's drive unleashes itself .... Then the spirit will never be able to soar freely and rise above the earthly sphere, it will rather be held captive .... only the body with it's desire for worldly fulfillment comes into it's own, but the soul is badly considered .... it suffers unspeakably not to be able to develop and to be allowed to pursue it's liberation from matter.

At the threshold of death it often falls like scales from the human eyes and he recognizes the size of his guilt which entails unspeakable agonies in the hereafter.  The soul out of God always remains the same in it's nature, it has only fallen off the path of knowledge .... it has fallen victim, as it were, to arrogance and can only reach the top again in the reverse way .... through the recognition of their weakness and the strong desire to be taken up again by God in love.  This is most easily achieved on earth as a weak earthly creature, because the awareness of their weakness and inadequacy makes them approach the Creator with humility and supplication ....

If, however, the existence on earth again produces an arrogant being who does not want to submit humbly to his Creator, then the extremely difficult transformation of this soul must be brought about in the hereafter and therefore the sufferings for the purpose of purification will be far more painful there than on earth, and before such a soul is purged of all impurities, often a very long time passes and many a soul is spared great suffering if it takes care on earth to attain the state of maturity ....



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