Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0597 26.9.1938

The great of the world ....
Security for life ....
Struggle for the soul ....
Prayer ....

And the great ones of the world will realize that they are small and powerless and cannot do anything on their own that could improve their situation.  And if they do not reflect on their origin out of God, they will not find a way out of their misery. .... Only the one who is aware of this has the means in his hand, because he will trustingly turn to the One who created him and present his plight to him .... and also find there the help he hopes for.   The others, however, wander restlessly through hardship and danger and find no way out, because they close themselves in false pride.

The condition will be especially agonizing for all those to whom the world has offered a lot so far.  Their only concern is to find an adequate security for the later life, and they do not consider that this life can already be finished another day .... they do not consider how much more valuable it is to provide for the peace of the soul than for the security of the body.  For in the former, they can leave life every day with the guarantee of exchanging it for a better hereafter ..... The security of earthly life, however, never guarantees the same in the hereafter.

And so such a soul will always leave earth in need and find an empty place over there, wherever it wants to take up residence. .... In the struggle for existence on earth, it is always advisable to consider the soul first and to lead the struggle primarily for the soul, then the body need never fear to be considered disadvantageously on earth, because then all sufferings are unnecessary for such an earthly child, which without these, already finds it's way to the Father and has recognized the advancement of it's soul as important.

Therefore, earthly knowledge, earthly power and reputation will not bring any advantage to the soul, but every human child must strive for this equally eagerly, whether high or low, whether poor or rich.  No-one can easily or carelessly gain entrance into eternal bliss ..... All face the same work, which only free will can overcome and accomplish.  And every human being can only be helped to fulfill his earthly task by heartfelt prayer .... Whoever thinks himself too exalted to ask God for help, will certainly be great on earth, but one of the last in eternity ....




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