Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0611 10.10.1938

Earth Destination ....
Spiritual experience ....
Prayer and Will ....

Man has only one destiny on earth, but this is so important that man must not become careless and should only live what corresponds to this destiny.  Nothing in the area of the spiritual is unimportant, because only through the spiritual experience he can achieve what he is on earth for.  The placing in earthly things, completely separated from the spiritual, must first let him seek, and the Spirit out of God, which dwells in him, will also always urge him to be spiritually active, but man must give his consent by virtue of his free will, only then can the spirit detach itself from it's cover and pursue it's ultimate goal, the union with God.

And this is the real earthly work of man, that he, although bound to matter, voluntarily loosens the connection and instead seeks the closest connection with the Spirit of God .... As the spirit formerly detached itself from it's Creator in the desire to rule and usurp all power, so now the same way is to be gone back in all humility and love to the Father of the universe .... The soul should find it's way home to the Father's house, and that is why life on earth was given to it.  In order to be able to fulfill such a task, however, the power of man is too small, because that which surrounds the soul and holds it captive, is also a power which opposes the Divine power.

So now the Divine power must be called upon as assistance, so that it gives strength in the fight against the hostile power.  And this goes thereupon in inexhaustible measure to the earthly child. Therefore, prayer to the heavenly Father is the first and most important thing, without which you can never find the way up.  It is the weapon in the fight, your power and your strength.  And if you use prayer diligently, then you can also never be defeated, because now also all other aids are offered to you .... you are made attentive, how you can easily and quickly free yourselves from the power which still holds you in bonds.  You only need to always pray and want, and the assistance will be granted to you so obviously by pointing out your task and the way how you can reach the eternal home.

Only pay attention to the spiritual in you and distance yourself with full will from matter, the pleasures and temptations of the world, then man pursues his true destiny on earth and can achieve infinitely great and valuable things .... the reunion with the Spirit of God, from Whom he separated in false knowledge.  Let this serve as a reminder to you that you should never forget to pray, but turn to your Father daily and hourly in the spirit, so that He may provide you with strength and grace to fulfill your destiny on earth. ....




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