Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0618 13.10.1938

Rejecting and accepting the spiritual truth ....

All power is in vain if the free will resists to accept My gift, but in the immediate vicinity of the resisting is often spiritual help, which stirs up the desire for truth in man and does not let him come to rest.  The motives for refusal are not always relative.  Such opportunities can also often be missed out of fear of falling victim to a false teaching.  There the person then stands in opposition to himself ....

Then he only needs to give in to the inner urge of the heart, which is the influence of the good spiritual beings who want to promote man in every way.  But the intellect always has a say, and it is much more likely to be listened to than the voice of the heart.  Let people examine, that they may be able to discern good from evil, but how can he judge who does not examine, but immediately rejects .... And many will be in the position of immediately accepting the teachings of man and rejecting the words that the Lord sends from above ....




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