Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0626 18.10.1938

Emotional life of people ....
Trust in God ....

In the depth of the human emotions, so many things are hidden, and you cannot understand the miraculous work of "human" out of yourself.  And yet you again lack the firm confidence in God .... If you apply the standard to the daily events alone, then you will soon have to recognize that the emotional lives of people are very different.  What presses one beyond all measure, is easily bearable for the other and what one overcomes in a short time, can torment the other for a very long time.  All people are created equal, but their emotional lives are different ....

The soul is, as it were, endowed with various types of resistance to purely external things, depending on how the stations of embodiment have previously increased this resistance.  Nevertheless, the lack of resistance can very easily be acquired in earthly life through trust in God, and therefore all suffering on earth can also be reduced where there is a strong trust in God .... All sufferings can then only help to refine the inner life, so that all spiritual feeling comes to the fore and not so much attention is paid to physical suffering, because hope in God's help is consolation in difficult hours.

The Father's unceasing concern is the ennoblement of the soul, and His means are often such that they appear outwardly hard and unloving, but are true balm for the soul .... that they influence the inner life of man in a beneficent way and thus suffering can also be a blessing.  If man, in times of distress, realizes that God has given him the strength to overcome all suffering up to now, he will also now again take suffering upon himself and only ask for Divine help in the firm belief that he will be heard.  For the love of the Father is great, He heals all wounds at the right time.  And so His orders are according to the highest wisdom never to any harm of man, but the soul will know thanks to it's Creator for eternity .....




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