Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0630 20.10.1938

All beginnings are difficult ....
Willpower ....
Prayer at war ....
Dispute about God's word ....

All beginnings are difficult .... that is how your work began.  Every great work must be preceded by a struggle which first matures the will to tackle this work.  And it will only then be shown by the perseverance of a man how strong his will is.  If at the beginning of a work there are already increased will-powers, then these will have to increase the further a work progresses.  There is often the danger that the will slackens, that man becomes discouraged by failures, or that a certain indifference sets in with every work begun, which then results in a weakening of the will, and then the work easily runs the risk of being abandoned and remain unfinished.

You would also be in such danger if you did not want to ask for help.  This work should not suffer any interruption, it should be continued with all love under the support of the active spiritual beings from above, and so the power will also be transmitted to you continuously, if you only willingly place yourself at the disposal of the Lord and Saviour.  The Lord has His wise plans, and nothing is to be carried out by compulsion, and again and again, therefore, man himself must wrestle and withstand every temptation that could weaken his will.

Subsequently, you will hear the word spoken in your heart, and the spring from which you may draw will be opened to you at any time, and your heart will be refreshed, and your will will be steeled and unceasingly ready to serve only the Lord.  You will be able to penetrate into the inside of man and recognize the maturity of his spirit.  Humility and modesty will be recognizable to you in people's eyes, and you will be able to distinguish real from false very well.  But then it is also up to you to devote yourself to your task with increased zeal, because the time is getting closer and closer when the battle for the Word of God will begin.

In the danger of a war, people know how to pray, but the fight for the Word of God, which is a thousand times more important, because it can lead to much more terrible consequences for the soul, people look at apathetically.  This battle touches them so little and yet it should arouse all their horror on the one hand and their full readiness for action on the other, and far more attention should be paid to this battle.  For what the soul can reduce or lose by it, is so tremendously important .... the loss infinitely painful and the gain just as unspeakably blissful.  Therefore, the prayer of man should be far more dedicated to the struggle and dispute for the victory of the Word of God, so that man may emerge from it unharmed ....




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Dear friends of the Revelation of God to Bertha Dudde,

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