Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0632 21.10.1938

Self exaltation ....
He who exalts himself will be humbled ....
Self-conceit ....

By virtue of your strength of will you receive a measure of grace which can put you into a state of inner peace, because the call of the Lord in trouble does not go unheard.  Spiritual weakness and inner discontent is a result of unkindness, and so increased love alone will establish the old relationship with the heavenly Father, and always the will to reach Him will also stimulate the activity of love, and all spiritual distress will be remedied.  So now give yourself fully to our influence and begin:

He who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who strives to shine before the world will one day remember his earthly life in bitter abandonment.  It is extremely important to go the way of earthly life in modesty and realization of one's own weakness, because only such can lead him to the height.  Just the struggle against self-conceit is meritorious for the life in eternity.  For this exaltation was the reason for the apostasy from God and is therefore also the greatest danger for the soul in earthly life.  If the human being values his own ego so highly, then the first basic condition of his higher development is missing, and first many unspeakable events of a sorrowful nature must have an effect on the human child, in order to let him recognize how little he is able to do himself, and how futile he is in himself without the help of God.

All arrogance will disappear in the face of death, but then man can no longer exhaust his knowledge, then his time of grace has passed without having brought him success for the soul.  Man should always keep in mind what all splendor and wealth, all worldly honors and worldly reputation would be of use to him if he suddenly had to leave the valley of the earth. .... Only in the recognition of his own weakness man grows beyond himself, because only then he will make use of the grace of the Lord .... what is man able to do out of himself .... in self-conceit, however, he believes to do everything out of his own strength, and his self-conceit rises higher and higher, but the soul gets more and more into darkness.  The first will be the last .... so says the Lord, and who only ever believes these words, will think well on earth ....

Every gift is a gift of God .... For what man is and what he possesses, he has to thank only his Creator, and therefore he cannot claim the merit for himself in the least, therefore he can also not give honor to himself at all, and all self-conceit is only a sign of spiritual blindness, and therefore the light will not become those any sooner, until they have recognized the worthlessness of the earthly treasures and strive to collect imperishable wealth.  Giving up all worldly desires, refraining from honor and glory, and immersing himself in the wonders of God's creation will only open man's inner eye, and then he will realize the greatness of God and his own unworthiness .... He will ask and will receive .... and so he will return for ever to the Father, from Whom he himself has turned away in self-conceit ....




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