Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0636 23.10.1938

Life path of the being ....
Change of outer form ....

The necessity of life is conditioned by the everlasting measure of compensation.  All matter is life in itself, only expressing itself differently; that which animates the form must have the possibility to continue in another form.  The following form must always be able to replace or give to the being in itself what the previous form has denied it.  Therefore, no external form will be the same as the previous one, but there will always be a noticeable change, for only through such a change is life itself, the spiritual substance, capable of further development.

Without the outer form, however, it's state is constant, while in the form, the being first comes to the activity which has the final purpose in the higher development.  And so the perpetual change of the outer form is to be explained.  Constantly new life must be produced, so that constantly another activity can be assigned to the beings, because a persistence in always the same form would bring about only a development in certain direction, but not the state of maturity, which would be necessary for the embodiment as man.  Thus all creations in the universe have ultimately arisen for the final formation of man, so that the soul dwelling in him may first be given the greatest possible opportunity to attain maturity for embodiment as a human.

If now the soul of man must go a certain way beforehand in order to acquire all abilities for the earthly existence, it follows from this that a creature does not exist arbitrarily on God's earth and that even the smallest creatures have done a service to the spiritual constitution of man beforehand, it follows from this how important the infinitely small living beings are and how the wise providence of God expresses Itself in the smallest creature, that it is only always anxious to guide everything spiritual closer to Himself

It takes, so to speak, all spiritual into it's care and prepares it in such a way that it can then go it's way on earth independently and self-willingly and enables it to fully turn to the Father-Spirit when it is active in Divine order through it's own will.  The human being passes through unbelievably many stations before, and the Divine creation remains enlivened by innumerable beings in every embodiment, and only the constant change, the constant coming into being and passing away, life and death in nature, can guarantee a constantly higher development, a maturing of the soul, but never a persistence in always the same form.

What therefore offers itself to your eyes, that always considers as a preliminary stage of the souls which still must embody themselves like you on earth, and recognizes from it how endlessly long already your way was, before you animate the last and greatest creation of God .... the human being .... Consider that you should now use all your will only to utilize the last time of examination on earth in such a way that the course of development before, the endless long time since the detachment from God, is fully appreciated and the last goal, the approach to the heavenly Father, is reached.  Then all creation-wisdom of the Father has fulfilled it's purpose and led the spirit out of Him back to the eternal light ....



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