Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0639 25.10.1938

Inertia ....

Without beginning and without end, from eternity to eternity, the Lord God makes man feel His love .... All things breathe God's love, and the patience and meekness of the Lord makes them endure.  And if the Lord works so obviously to bring light to His children on earth, it is also a proof of His exceeding love for mankind, whom He has placed in the universe to make all the glories of it accessible to them one day.  Such a fatherly love also never allows that the beings, big and small, are delivered to the evil power without salvation.  The will and the power of God always set a limit to this power so that it does not seize the erring soul too much.

The energy of the people is already an obstacle where the enemy feels slackened.  The energy is given to the human being, and he can use it according to his own discretion, because at the same time the free will for the earthly career was given to him.  Who now makes little use of this energy, gives himself into the hands of the enemy, and then he must never blame the eternal Godhead, Who has put him into the universe.  Because every human being is considered by the Father in such a way that a measure of willpower is available to him.

However, he often opposes this with his own inertia, and the strength of will is thereby extraordinarily weakened.  This is a danger of the greatest importance .... because this inertia extends to the earthly as well as to the spiritual life.  The man, who is always active in the worldly sense, will also in the case of the realization, tackle the work on his soul equally energetically .... he will have the same endeavor to continue the begun work, which is valid for the soul, as he follows the earthly activity.  Thus, it is the greatest danger for a man to be inactive on earth, because his soul then proportionately dies, and the earthly time passes unused for eternity.

The love of the Heavenly Father acts upon man at once and sends him all the stimulation to wake him up from such weakness of will, inactivity and lethargy, and if man's will is good to serve the Lord God, these stimulations will increase the urge to activity

But if man resists, then the soul in it's distress looks for a way out, by occupying the body with all kinds of plagues, with physical sufferings, depressions or discomforts, which make life difficult or unpleasant for it, with the cooperation of the good spirit-beings.  And then man himself seeks a way out and, in order to remove all these resistances, begins to strengthen the will, which then also has a favorable effect on the physical creative power




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