Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0642 27.10.1938

Sphere of the soul ....
Living bearers of God's Word ....
Earthly task ....

Now pay attention to the words which come to you from above ..... The spirit of man has the ability to rise above all earthly things and to stay in a region - which is inaccessible to the body - as often as he wants.  He then leaves the body behind on earth and swings himself in the twinkling of an eye from the earthly sphere into the sphere of otherworldly spiritual beings.  Only the body has entered into the connection with the earth and it's matter, but never the soul and the divine spirit.  These can free themselves arbitrarily from the surrounding physical cover and take up residence completely according to their will in the height or also in the depth.  Not the slightest compulsion can be exerted on this soul which has escaped from the body ..... The sphere in which it sometimes thinks is freely chosen by it and will naturally always adapt itself to the state of maturity in which the soul finds itself.  And only the smallest time will be needed to mature an earthly being staying in spiritual regions in such a way that it can leave the earth-valley.

But such a person is often assigned a task, for the execution of which a longer time is required than was needed for the actual state of maturity.  Such cases are extremely rare that one can speak of perfection on earth, but it is certainly possible for a serious striver to overcome earthly life with all it's charms and temptations, with all it's dangers for the soul, even in a shorter time.   Then it remains only to fulfill the activity determined for him on earth and to be active in the will of the Lord .... and that in spiritual respect.

Such people are called to offer a firm anchor point to the many weak, wandering souls on earth, tossed about by the wind and weather of earthly life, who until now have cared little or not at all about their salvation.  And such people will fulfill the task assigned to them in far less time, because they themselves felt the grace of the Lord in them and can now eagerly and with conviction commit themselves to something that is for the exclusive advancement of the soul.

And therefore your activity on earth will certainly secure your earthly life, but in the first place put you in the position to communicate all heard wisdom to the earthly brothers and sisters, and so the Word of God works continuously through itself ..... It will be heard by those who have a desire for it, and the spiritual world will only ever strive to convey this word to earthly people in order to train steadfast, eloquent and fully instructed teachers who are living bearers of God's Word and who were chosen in the wise foresight of the Lord for the consolidation of God's Word among mankind.

And so the extraordinary will take place on earth, that those will know about the Word of God, who up to now went ignorantly through life on earth .... and that the knowledge of the worldly wise people will be of no use for anything else than to cover the bodily needs of man.  But what the soul needs, the Lord himself gives as food He feeds those who approach Him for food and drink and sends them such directly from the heavens, and the world of spirits on the other side completely joins the will of the Lord and works unceasingly for the honor of the Most High by giving tidings of all the glory which, created by God, is to go to His children for eternity.  And so the truth will be proclaimed to every earthly child who is willing to serve ..... For the Lord gives His grace to the humble




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