Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0647 31.10.1938

Care for the physical well-being ....

The world with it's demands is mostly satisfied, and so many occasions arise when man is far more concerned about what is transient and utterly worthless at the end of days.

And nevertheless, the activity of the people should apply only to the salvation of the soul and the struggle for the daily needs should oppress him only in the smallest measure, but should not be regarded as the most important thing in the life on earth.  For it is much easier to meet the requirements of the body on earth than those of the soul for eternity.  The greatest problem has to be solved in earthly life, it is about the liberation of the soul from matter which has imprisoned it for thousands of years, it is about the final return to God, the bearer of all light, while the body only demands it's external maintenance for a short time and this desire can be fulfilled with ease with the right knowledge and the right attitude towards God.

If a person completes the school of the spirit in the right way, he is guaranteed to be able to expect the separation of the soul from the body well prepared for eternity, because he has then used the time on earth as it was his task and worked on the perfection of his soul on his own initiative.

The body, however, which God has given him for his earthly task, also receives the goodness and love of the heavenly Father and supplies him with everything necessary for life.  And so the worry about it is completely unfounded, life on earth will also be far easier to bear in constant consideration of the state of the soul.  This however can be considered only then extensively, if little attention is given to all worldly interests ..... It is not possible to solve both such opposing problems at the same time .... The world with all it's demands cannot be satisfied at the same time, if the work on the soul is to progress towards the attainment of the state of perfection .... Only one is completely possible, and therefore man must decide and can only be fully active on one side.

People consider so little that they must give up everything earthly when the hour of death approaches them .... that they can, however, gather another treasure in the time on earth, which is imperishable .... which cannot be taken away from them in the face of death and which can shape death .... the parting from the world into a painless, liberated entry into eternity .... This alone should be an incentive for them to devote themselves more diligently to the actual activity during their bodily life and to stifle all earthly desire, the thought of earthly provision should be so far away from them, but every hour should seem important to them for the redemption of the soul from it's shell.

He who is too much concerned about his bodily well-being has only to expect that this will be diminished by an invisible power .... that both the condition of the body and the possession of earthly goods will be exposed to alarming shocks .... he has to expect that both the one and the other will be taken away from him, in order to point out to him, too, the actual task of earthly life and to make him aware of the transitoriness of everything earthly.  Whereas, on the other hand, an earthly child who is concerned about the salvation of his soul will receive the needs of daily life at any time, as commanded by the Father Himself to the children, so that they are relieved of the care for these and can pursue their spiritual work undisturbed.

What man willingly gives up, that will be given to him in abundance, because the Lord knows about everything .... He also knows the needs of the earthly child and wants to make life bearable for him, if he only strives for that which alone is important ..... All efforts, however, which apply to the improvement of the earthly life are useless and can therefore also not find the approval of the heavenly Father .... on the contrary, they prevent man from the fulfillment of the task, which is the actual purpose of his embodiment on earth ....



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