Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0648 31.10.1938

Carrying the cross in patience ....
"Lord, Your will be done ...."

Go into yourself and recognize your weaknesses and ask the Lord for His assistance, then your strength will also become stronger and you will succeed in enduring trials in meekness and patience of life.  The Lord's will sends you these only for your own advancement ....

A person will seldom submit to the suffering imposed on him without grumbling, and yet this is precisely a willing submission to God's will, when a person gladly and gratefully accepts all suffering from the Father's hand and thus only ever acknowledges everything as right for the salvation of his soul.  When the pain increases, the Savior places a small cross on you, which you should bear patiently for His sake.  Such days will make the soul infinitely happy, because what the body bears patiently is taken from the soul, and it's state becomes freer and freer.  The physical suffering is the greatest help for the soul, and if the human being bears such joyfully, the soul is grateful to him and again takes every opportunity where it can assist the body by inner hints for the welfare of the human being in earthly activity.

All suffering will only have a ennobling effect if it does not embitter the person against the One who sends this suffering over him, and it is therefore always only beneficial for the soul of the person.  And if the temptation is great to rebel against the will of God, then only remember the suffering of the Lord on the cross .... How unspeakably sorrowful was His death, and how devotedly the Savior took all suffering on His shoulder out of love for sinful humanity.  And if you keep this in mind, then you will also willingly carry your little cross, because the Lord does not lay it on you heavier than you are able to carry.  And the right love for the Savior sweetens all suffering for you ....

One day a little light will dawn on you as to what suffering is all about, and your soul will rejoice when you have been willing on earth and have earned great merits by bearing suffering, which has an exceedingly beneficial effect in the spiritual world.  The time of life will certainly burden you with many things which seem insurmountable to you at first, and you therefore quarrel with God and want to rebel against His most holy will, but God's love will soon teach you otherwise .... it will let you recognize that it is only for your best when He gives you sorrow, and the existence on earth will earn you rich rewards when you have recognized this.

Therefore pray from the bottom of your heart always: "Lord, your will be done ...." And your suffering will turn into joy .... and with thanksgiving you will receive the reward that will compensate you for all the suffering on earth one day in eternity ....




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