Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0649 1.11.1938

Willingness to believe ....
Influence of the good spiritual forces ....

The persistence in faith is unspeakably blissful for the soul.  It gives it a feeling of well-being, it feels the blessings of Divine power and grace, and the ascent into higher regions becomes easier.  And so a soul can gain redemption just only if the man in deep faith accomplishes everything what is beneficial for the soul.  Because faith is followed by love .... and in love man then seeks confirmation .... and works of love again increase the power, attract the nearness of God, and the soul gradually loosens itself from it's bonds and unites with the Spirit out of God in it.  For all progress can only take place when the soul separates itself from the desire that has captivated it so far .... when it desires nothing else than to be with God, then every striving will be easy for it and will certainly lead to the goal.

In order to come into the possession of true faith, man has to free himself from all false doctrine, from superstition .... He must try to entrust himself to the highest Being, which he cannot deny intellectually, and ask this Being for spiritual enlightenment ..... Then already the right faith will be offered to him in a palatable form, because if man wants, then he is already on the right way, as soon as he enquiringly turns in free will to the highest Entity.  Only the one who is so completely faithless that he does not want to acknowledge anything and looks at and accepts the life around and within him indifferently, his heart is very hardened and does not come closer to faith so easily.  He, too, will hear about the faith and the teachings of Christ, but he will reject everything and arrogantly consider himself to be knowledgeable and discerning, while ridiculing others.  If such people are not taught otherwise by the deep sorrow that the Lord sends them, then it looks very sad for such a soul, and all the efforts of the good spirits to whose protection they are entrusted, are in vain ....

It is an unparalleled struggle for such souls remaining in faithlessness, and the utmost means have to be used to dissuade them from their blinded thinking, whereas a believing earthly man triggers indescribable joy in the kingdom on the other side and stimulates the good spirits to ever greater activity of love for the souls entrusted to them.  The slightest concession on earth is used to influence the train of thought of man, and thus even faithless people will often feel prompted to think about the most unsolved problems.  They indeed reject everything, but they cannot always resist their thoughts, which often lead people to areas where they themselves cannot find their way, and such musings are always of value, even if they are still far from the truth.

And is the human being still so much devoted to the world .... there come hours, where even all earthly things cannot entice him .... where he thinks about the beginning and about the end .... where a quiet restlessness creeps over him, if he thinks about his demise.  If nothing in life could change him, the thought of death will shake him out of his rigidity of mind, in a less than pleasant way, but then it can be built upon by the spiritual forces caring for him.  And good to him who gives in to the admonitions in him .... who still deals with everything at the end of his days what can lead him to faith, and who still seriously repents in earthly life what he has missed and asks God for His help and His mercy.  The Father will lovingly meet him in his last hour and bless him .... and his struggle in the hereafter will be easier ....




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