Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0651 2.11.1938

Fate of the poor souls in the afterlife and help ....

Let your thoughts wander into the infinite universe, which is the carrier of innumerable souls, and try to imagine the distress of those who are still in the darkness of unbelief and who have not yet recognized their existence as indestructible ..... They think that they are still on earth, only transferred by some process to another region and environment, and cannot yet get acquainted with the thought that their life on earth has ended.  They stray and look for the way out of their situation and are despondent and despairing when they see again and again the same unfriendly and bleak picture before them.  They do not want to succeed in improving their condition, because wherever they turn, they find no brightness, and therefore their condition is boundlessly miserable.  If God's mercy did not send them help, their lot would always be the same, but there is also the possibility for these souls that they can free themselves from their misery as soon as they have understood and are willing.

The help sent to them compels them to think more and more deeply about themselves until they have persuaded themselves to lend a hand for the improvement of the condition.  Then they are also shown the way by the spiritual beings who look after them, but who are not recognizable to them as such, and the more eagerly they follow this instruction, the sooner the change in their condition is apparent, and the smallest success already makes such a soul become all the more diligent, as soon as only a glimmer of light becomes noticeable to it and it begins to suspect the truth.

In order to make the state of suffering comprehensible to you earthly children, you could only see it in a dream, and this would be so horrible and oppressive for you that you would be inhibited in your life's work and would perhaps want to walk the right way because of fear, which, however, would not benefit your soul.

On the other hand, however, you should have knowledge of the pitiable situation of these souls in order to turn your love to them and to help them through this in their distress.  Whoever is able to imagine their suffering will, seized by deep compassion, be able to give them help by praying for relief of their agonies, and this should be a hint to you to remember the poor erring souls in the beyond and not to deny them your help, on which they depend to such a great extent if their time of suffering is to be shortened, because they lack the strength which is supplied to them by your prayer or by the love of spiritual beings on the other side .....




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