Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0652 2.11.1938

Prediction ....
Judgment of God ....
Nature elements ....

In hours of highest trouble the Savior has always made Himself known, and so also now the Lord will appear, and the power of the Most High will be revealed to all the world.  The eternal Divinity will express Himself directly ..... In a few hours all people on earth will be at the mercy of the elements of nature, and with a voice of thunder the Lord will shake them out of their sleep. .... And he who is blameless will see the sun shining in the firmament, and the glory of God will be revealed to him.  But the others will be horrified ..... They will try to flee and recognize the same judgment in all directions.

And the Lord will still gather those who pray to Him in the greatest need, He will lovingly draw near to them and save them, whereas everything will be destroyed that even then does not yet grasp the saving hand of the Father.  Every word of love that He speaks to His own will cause unspeakable delights, but fearfully His voice will sound to those who do not respect Him.  And everything will collapse under this voice what served the people for pleasure and joy.  He will strike the mighty, overthrow the high and make the mighty tremble, who fear nothing in the world ....

The Lord has proclaimed this time in Word and Scripture .... but people do not respect His words, and some even feel called to alienate His Divine Word - which was given to mankind for salvation - from them and to declare war on it .... This fight will be avenged in such an obvious way on the doubters themselves, and the Divine power will crush them.  When this time is near, then the storms will roar day and night .... The shine of the stars will be extinguished, and the sun will remain behind the clouds, and the sky will be darkened, and fire will fall to the earth, and what gathers in His name will contemplate the forces of nature without fear and trembling .... but the others will be seized by immoderate terror, and no stretch of land will be spared .... a panic will break out among the animals, and people will not be able to tame them, for their own destiny keeps them in fear and terror.

And only the light from the heavens will be able to calm the minds, and there will be confidence wherever this light shines and announces the Lord of heaven and earth.  All assistance will be granted to those who hear the Word of the Lord and keep to it, for the Lord promises eternal life to those who hear His Word and live by it ....

He will also protect his own in the distress that falls upon the earth.  But you who serve the Lord shall then stand firm and not waver, for the Lord needs you and will give you strength, and if you hear His voice, you will rejoice and serve Him forever .... (3.11.1938) And without ceasing you will be cared for by Me, because I know Mine and Mine know Me.  They will not deny Me but openly confess Me before those who threaten them, and so also My love is always ready for them.

But because the adversary will dwell too badly to harm the ones who are Mine, the time of judgment and visitation will only be of short duration, because man is weak and the ones who are Mine shall not come to harm in their soul.  I will also take care that the adversary can no longer harm those who plead to Me in their distress, and I will strengthen them in a miraculous way.  Every call to Me will be heard, and every suffering I want to stop immediately, but whoever remains in darkness and rebels against Him Who decrees such over mankind, will be devoured by the earth, he will turn himself there, where his soul already lives, in darkest night in the bonds of Satan.

But then the light morning will dawn on all My sheep, I will lead them and they will follow My call .... And there will be only one flock and one Shepherd ....




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