Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0655 6.11.1938

Connection with God necessary for receiving the Word of God and Divine wisdoms ....

The essence of the earthly career will always remain the union with God, everything else is void and implausable.  And so a human being can be in full possession of all spiritual earthly abilities and still not recognize the true reason of existence, if he does not look at the total creation in the sense as it is necessary to attain the connection with God.  For nothing is more obstructive to man than to remain in the consciousness of his own ability and talent, which keeps him away from true knowledge ..... For true knowledge is rooted solely in the feeling of being nothing in relation to the eternal Godhead.  Only then man seeks the connection with the Godhead, and only then the spiritual work on himself can be started.  Without this realization, however, man remains blind in the delusion of his worth, and all his worldly wisdom is only a greater obstacle, the more it strengthens him in his grandeur.

If you want to know God, then look up to Him .... But you can only look up to Him in deep humility and knowledge of your petty self .... And then lift up the Lord .... because His wisdom is always and forever the same .... But what is human wisdom in comparison .... And he who thinks he possesses it, is not very wise in the eyes of the Lord.  To awaken the Divine Spirit in oneself, that alone is wise and right before God, because only then can he make wisdom his own, which God Himself imparts to him and which eclipses all earthly wisdom, and it will therefore be the only thing worth striving for in life to connect with God in the spirit and then to be worthy of receiving it from the eternal Creator and heavenly Father, the Teacher of all Divine truth.

And therefore only a complete devotion to Him is necessary to find oneself in greatest wisdom and clearest recognition.  Thus all human knowledge will only be vain patchwork, but profound and unlimited the knowledge of Divine truths, where the Divine truth is offered in purest form to the earthly child.  And so it can never be denied that every intervention of the eternal Divinity always only aims at deepening mankind's knowledge. .... Man is to be put in the position, as it were, to increase his field of knowledge without earthly help, and that through Divine help, in order to awaken in the earthly people the desire to likewise strive most eagerly for the connection with God, so that the knowledge of things is opened up to them likewise, which contribute to the knowledge of creation and thus also strengthen the faith in the eternal Creator.

All life gains content as soon as man has a right picture of the eternal Divinity and His creation, and he now seeks to bring every action into harmony with the Divine wisdom .... he seeks to live as far as possible in the right order according to the acknowledged will of God and fears and dreads a relapse into spiritual blindness, and he will now again turn to the eternal Deity pleading for help, and hastily the spiritual friends will support the earthly child so that only always the will and the desire for spiritual truth will remain active and can again and again become fulfilled for him .... Thus the man alone remains knowledgeable and truly wise, who unites himself in all humility to the Lord .... who, without having striven for this union, begins nothing more and thus his whole being is permeated by love for God, which only ever expresses itself in the desire for finite union.

And that is why people often go through life so completely pointless, because they do not realize the essential - because without this realization, all thinking and acting is worthless .... it moves only in earthly direction and does not contribute the least to the advancement of the soul .... Therefore the true wisdom is to be looked for only there, where the connection with the Lord is striven for most intimately, because there the heavenly Father Himself instructs, and His teaching office is truly beyond all doubt ..... He gives the purest, purest truth to people on earth who are of good will ....




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