Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0658 8.11.1938

The behavior of those faithful to God ....
Fearless in the face of death ....

An insightful person will know how to appreciate the Divine gift, and all the more will full understanding be presupposed in those who themselves strive to give God the glory and to walk on earth pleasing to Him.  And these are the Lord's bodyguards ..... They will stand firmly and faithfully together and fight for the Word of God, they will teach the Word of God everywhere without fear and thus be zealous fighters for the name of the Lord.  And love for God makes their courage grow, and faith spurs them on to lively activity in the struggle against the enemies of the doctrine of God, and so there will always be found on earth, all who pursue the same goal and in common spiritual work, meet every physical danger ....

And unspeakably many resistances will make their beginning more difficult, which only applies to the spreading of the Word of God .... but this should by no means inhibit the faithful. .... The Lord God always has His strength ready, and whoever stands up for Him, will never be abandoned by Him.  What is already determined from eternity, man as such will not be able to overthrow, and so the Lord says: "I am the way, the truth and the life .... who has Me, he has eternal life ....".   The Word of God will not be able to be destroyed in eternity, and he will live who makes this his own.  So if the whole world opposes the Word of God, the whole world would be destroyed before this word would be destroyed by human hands.

And so also the representatives of the Word of God will never need to fear death, because if they fight for this, death can never be their lot .... For the death of the body would also only be a transition into eternal life, but never a sinking into infinity ....

If the Lord promises you such things, you truly have nothing to fear, for those who want to take away your earthly life can only bring you closer to eternal life by doing so, and if you leave your life for the glory of God, your death will only be an entrance into eternal glory.

He who feels connected to the Word of God is free from all fear ..... He always lives only in faith in the hereafter and gladly and joyfully gives up his earthly existence for the bliss that awaits him on the other side.  And the infinitely happy feeling of being safe will also already give him all the strength on earth to stand up for the Word of God, and it will also prevent him from ever denying the Divine Savior and Redeemer .... he will always freely and openly confess the name of Him Who governs everything in the world .... he will feel himself to be His child and will never tolerate that the name of the Most High is dishonored ....

And so the gift of the Lord will find entrance there and give equal power to those who receive the Words believingly.  They will listen and their hearts will rejoice that the Lord God gives them such a visible sign of His presence on earth ..... And faith and confidence will grow, and the power of God will visibly overflow into the heart of man, as God has promised to those who abide in His Word ....




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