Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0659 09.11.1938

Even suffering is grace ....
'Father, Your will be done ....'

Abide by your inner voice which will always remind you to do what is right, and remember that the Father will in fact instruct His child correctly if only it wants to hear it. For there is a far greater possibility that an orderly accomplishment of the work will no longer be possible, but all means will nevertheless be at your disposal, and therefore you should not worry about obstacles which the Lord will be able to remove time and again if it is conducive to the work He wants to be done.

And now draw closer and receive our message: What can possibly happen to you humans if the Lord keeps His protective hand over you .... He will protect your body and soul from being harmed, He will guide you according to His will, and whatever is inflicted on you for the purpose of overcoming it only serves to benefit your soul. Therefore, don't worry, and submit yourselves to your heavenly Father's guidance with complete confidence. Everything on earth has its purpose; no human being knows the eternal Deity's plans and therefore cannot easily recognise how well and wisely everything has been arranged for people's benefit. His severity, which people often consider cruel, is always just a loving means in order to offer you something incomparably more magnificent one day. And since you do not voluntarily want to make yourselves worthy of it, it is the Lord's will to lead you by way of suffering and sorrow to the path which makes these glories accessible to you. One day you will realise it and wholeheartedly thank the Father for every reprimand in earthly life. People on earth constantly receive God's grace and even suffering is grace .... which is still incomprehensible to you humans. But if you completely entrust yourselves to the Lord you soon will feel the blessing of suffering on yourselves, you will realise how infinitely lovingly you are being guided by the Fatherly hand so that such suffering will have a favourable effect on you even in earthly life, however, the benefit on your soul's life will be incomparable. And therefore meet everything the Father sends to you with complete submission, consider that not one sparrow shall fall on the ground without your Father's will, and that everything he sends to you is only an expression of His will and mercy, the full extent of which you can only comprehend when you have become perfect. For at the moment you are still incapable of judging what is helpful to you or what is to your disadvantage, you must only ever devoutly sacrifice your will to your Father in heaven and in all suffering and sorrow pray to Him in your heart .... 'Father, Your will be done ....' Then you will also always be comforted ....




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