Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Love ....
Lifestream ....
Divine power ....
Liberation ....

Behold, My child, whoever fights for My name will also have to suffer in earthly life, yet you shall bear these sufferings easily because you will then remember Me in firm confidence and find relief and comfort in love for Me.  And whoever will think of My suffering on the cross in a difficult hour, his heart will glow with love and he will, as it were, carry the cross with Me ..... But he who lacks faith, will have to fight much harder against the adversities of life, but these must be imposed on him if he is to find his way to the heavenly Father. ....

But you, who have found your way to Me, do not fear suffering, because I approach you in great love, and this expresses itself in every way, but always for your benefit ..... Love knows no limits, it is always and forever and can never pass away, it seizes you, My children, and cannot let go of you .... And in love all good is rooted, it pulls man upwards, it forms and promotes him, it remains unchangingly the same, always the epitome of Divine creation, it is the driving force of everything striving upwards, it is longing and fulfillment at the same time .... And without love, no being will ever be able to become perfect, love is the stream of life which, coming from God, lets everything in creation come into being and secures the continuity ..... And so love can also never be switched off, it is Divine power and therefore life-awakening.  What therefore lives, must be seized by the love of God and can therefore no longer pass away, because the Divine power can never experience a decline, it will only become stronger and more intensive in itself, without ever losing this power.

And if you have now become pure love yourselves, then you must of necessity also be power, and this power then works like Me and with Me according to My will, because everything what is outflow of the eternal Divinity, cannot consume itself .... Only the firm will of man is needed to take up this power in himself, i.e., to be so devotedly active in love that now the Divine power, which is pure love in Itself, communicates itself to man .... And man should use this power extensively .... he should always only love, so that also the spiritual power, the Divine Love, increases in him.  He should always put love before all actions and thoughts, then he can face every danger which threatens him from the outside, because he then has the power within himself to be able to command a complete standstill to everything which is undertaken against him from the unloving side.

The power of the enemy will be shattered by the supremacy of love .... hatred will be defeated by love, and man will become master over all matter only through the fire of Divine love, which purifies the soul and thus redeems it from matter .... And everything will become free through love ....




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