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BD 0661 10.11.1938

Work of the forces of nature in God's will ....
Catastrophe ....

For the way of life of man the laws always apply, which God has given to the beings from the beginning of the world as necessary for the spiritual development.  Often forces work against it, but an invisible power is superior to these, they will always feel the effects of their contravention as disadvantageous for themselves and either turn back to God-willed activity, or in the persistence of their wickedness, get to feel the power of God stronger and stronger.

So also the working of the forces of nature is always and eternally subordinated to the will of God, because if this would be given up to the opposing power, then everything would soon be a single work of destruction, since the counter forces always only work destructively, but God's wisdom and will applies to the preservation of everything created.  Where now the forces of nature express themselves destructively, also always the will of God is active, but this destruction is never a permission to the bad forces.  Then there are certainly reasons which let God intervene, but which always serve only to a certain promotion of spiritual beings or development of living human beings.

Also the destructions have their good in various ways.  Nature-spirits are released from unspeakably long forms of bondage .... other nature-spirits are allowed to be extensively active and thereby to fulfill their destiny .... and sleeping spiritual beings are shaken from their rest, which is always only harmful to such a one.  The fact that such destructions often have a painful effect on mankind is likewise an admission of God, an indication of His existence to the complete unbelievers and a testing stone for the believers, whose strength and faith are to strengthen by it.  For only such extraordinary phenomena, which such natural catastrophes always will be, are able to put man into a state of reflection .... If all the power of the people is not sufficient to put a stop to it, and poor and rich, high and low are quite equally exposed to such God-willed catastrophes, then in one or the other the question remains open why such a judgment affects humans and to what extent a Divine power is recognizable.

And such questions can lead to a complete transformation of the previous thinking and guide man on the way of recognition.  Every natural catastrophe is preceded by smaller events, which facilitate such thinking for man, and every inner state before is, as it were, a preparation for the experience that follows.  Once it is only rightly recognized that all worldly power can not create the smallest change with such elementary effects of nature .... that all are at the mercy of these, who are in the area of a natural disaster .... and man would have to turn his thoughts upward and try to attain spiritual enlightenment .... but mankind has already advanced too far in it's conceit .... it still uses at most for such apparent work of the eternal Divinity the word: work of the forces of nature .... and tries to dismiss with it everything what does not want to please it's spiritual attitude.  It considers itself as knowing and, what is not comprehensible to it, just only for an expression of nature founded in itself .... in the rarest cases, however, as a visible intervention of a Divine being.

The explanation of all natural phenomena most agreeable to them is the continuing development under the influence of the sun's rays, which again are a still unexplored source of power in the universe and bring about all life on earth, but therefore also the people are nothing else than living beings awakened by such natural forces, which have their beginning and their end on this earth.

That everything in the whole universe is presided over by a being which has placed each of the creatures - from the smallest creature up to the crown of creation - on this earth according to a wise plan by His will and His omnipotence for a certain purpose .... does not want to make sense to such ignorant people.  They recognize no such being, and therefore they also never see in the rule of the natural elements the expressing will of God.  The distant ones, not affected by it, do not pay much attention to such catastrophes; they always only cite similar cases, and thus such events are quickly dismissed.  And God must resort to more and more obvious means ..... He has to let such catastrophes follow each other faster and faster and to involve the people, if these phenomena are to make an impression.

It is regrettable how little the suffering of fellow human beings triggers true compassion .... and how habitually a hint from above is taken.  And thus the signs will have to assume ever more enormous dimensions, they are to shake people up from the rest.  Only when the own life is in danger, they attach importance to a thing, and therefore still much suffering and fear will have to be the lot of the people .... and things will have to appear which let man pay attention to a will which cannot be resisted ..... But even quite extraordinary natural phenomena will be explained and accepted with the greatest matter of course, because the worldly wise are immediately ready to give a quite natural explanation for everything incomprehensible to man, but such an explanation will never refer to the work and rule and the will of God.

They think they are above this and are therefore in a completely erroneous view, which can also not be of use to the people who are taught by them.  Many a person will still have to change his view and therefore make many a sacrifice until he becomes fully aware, and to hasten this, the Lord now intervenes more often than ever and shakes and shakes the world, so that all who live in it should take heed of and pay attention to the Divine voice, which brings them news of the will of God, of His omnipotence and wisdom, and whoever in this sense looks at every natural phenomenon and the stormy action of the elements, will already recognize such as the voice of God and strive to always do what is right before God ....




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