Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0663 11.11.1938

Transformation of the former teaching of the Lord ....
Danger of the rigid doctrine ....

The love and the wisdom of God wants to initiate man into all mysteries of the Divine nature.  It wants to give light where one asks for it, but the worldly wisdom obscures the light from the heavens, it teaches in complicated form what is offered in simplest form to man from above.  And this has become cause for complete transformation of the former teaching of the Lord, which Jesus proclaimed on earth.  This teaching was so simple and only gave references again and again to the will of God, to keep His commandments .... to cultivate the love for God and for the neighbor and to always pay attention that the will of the Lord is always fulfilled.

But in order to achieve earthly gain, in not too long a time, a state was formed which strongly interspersed the initial pure and simple teaching of Christ with subsequently added doctrines and provisions, and the newly risen entity was no longer the pure, unadulterated pure Word of God and thus also lost power .... People have to struggle through laborious spiritual work in order to come to the same results that are desired by God, and so man can certainly reach what is the aim and purpose of his life also through the present educated teaching, but often only on circuitous ways, if there is not the far greater danger that he does not reach the knowledge and a false faith does not let him find the right way .... i.e., if he too much satisfies the rigid form, but his heart does not find the intimate connection with the Father's heart.

He who has love, finds the way - but he who is without love, also fulfills the other requirements and remains erring and has a very hard time to find the right relationship to the Father.  Therefore, all formal faith should be avoided, man should strive to be active in love, then he fulfills the commandments of God and lives in the true teachings of Christ ..... Whereas the person who meets all the requirements of his church only because it demands it of him, will never be imbued with the true teachings of Christ and thus will not feel the blessings of faith to the same extent as an earthly child turned to God in love, who desires God in his heart and strives to fulfill His will.

So man should always make sure that his heart is always involved in everything he does and thinks, that he never only satisfies one form, but that he dedicates himself with all his heart to serve God and live pleasing to Him, and then he will be in full possession of the true teachings of Christ and will remain in them for all eternity ....




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