Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0670 15.11.1938

Prayer for God's help in teaching the erring ....

You are given an office on earth, which you are to administer properly. And if you now convey the Word of God to the people, do not neglect to ask the Lord for His blessing, so that every one of your words falls on fertile ground and the seed sprouts.  For you shall start nothing without the Lord .... in His name you will succeed, and His grace will support you effectively.

And again you must be careful to take care of the erring fellowmen in all love.  You are gifted to know about the love of God and His work, but those still lack the knowledge, and so they still resist the Word of God, but love soon teaches them otherwise.  The earthly pleasures will soon disappoint even such human children, a deceptive happiness and an often unsatisfactory existence will mature their realization, they will realize the worthlessness of everything earthly and deal with the questions which they now still reject for fear of having to forfeit the beauties of life.

Out of this often fearful resistance, a tiny seed sometimes grows into a tender little plant that takes in more and more nourishment until it finally becomes viable and resistant and defies all storms, and such a seed, placed in the heart of man, can sprout and develop and flourish under the blessing of God and bear good fruit ....

All opinions have to be answered and every wrong opinion has to be refuted, and if you are not yet able to do this by your own strength, you have to call on the Lord for help, and He will immediately put the words into your mouth so that you speak powerfully and convincingly according to God's wisdom.  For the Lord does not leave you who call upon Him, and where you fight for His name, there His power also goes to you incessantly with every word that is meant for the winning of erring souls.

How often do people find themselves in situations that make them serious and thoughtful and raise the question of the purpose of their existence on earth.  In such situations they then think of the word imparted to them and thus find the connection to eternity.  And therefore commend such erring ones to the grace of the Lord before you try to awaken them and before you want to bring light to those who are still in darkness of spirit.  With the help of the heavenly Father, every success will be easier to obtain, they will listen to your speeches and they will be well moved in their hearts, even if at first there is no obvious approval.  Because the Word of God itself is power, and those who hear it without resistance are already permeated by this power .... But a slight resistance can be overcome with God's help, and only who rejects in full will, on him the power of God cannot visibly make itself felt ..... However, their hour will also come, if they have only once had the opportunity to be pointed to the will of God.

Life itself often forms man very quickly and has inconveniences of all kinds ready, and no event on earth is without purpose .... And the love and mercy of God is always ready to intervene there, where man despairs and anxiously pleads for help .... and is the time also still far .... the hour comes for everyone, when he remembers his better self, and blessed [are those], who then still grasps the saving hand of the Father ....



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