Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0673 17.11.1938

Commending oneself to the grace of the Lord ....

People so often fail to commend themselves to God's grace and therefore make life on earth considerably more difficult for themselves.  It would be much easier to withstand all storms if people would remember that their strength is insufficient without God's help and that they are largely supported by the Lord's love.  Whoever believes that he does not need this support, must struggle unspeakably hard in earthly life and will nevertheless not have nearly the success as an earthly child who recommends himself to God's grace, who is not only dependent on himself in all situations of life, but is carefully cared for and protected by the love of the Father.

If you humans think about this, all timidity must leave you .... Believing in the Lord's ever-ready help, you must take up the fight on earth with full confidence and also face the difficult times with carefree attitude, for no harm can ever come to you if you, as weak children, implore the Father for protection.  Therefore, never let your confidence sink, do not lose faith in the heavenly Father's tireless love and patience, and you will always overcome even the greatest trials to the advantage of your soul .... and also be relieved of all earthly hardship, if only you always wait for the Lord's help with complete trust.

There are certain laws which in His wisdom, the Divine Creator commanded you to fulfill for the time on earth .... Everyone who complies with these laws, will therefore always be able to draw the necessary strength and refreshment from the eternal Source of strength and thus will not need to go through life anxious and despondent, for the Lord will give him His grace and every event is only ever permitted to be overcome with faith and trust so that the person's soul will mature and his faith will become strong.

For those who seek the Lord are always His children, and to them the Lord lovingly draws near and leads them safely around all the cliffs of life .... And you emerge undamaged from all dangers, tribulations and distresses, you are powerful through the grace of the Lord, and His power will penetrate you, and you will stand firm in all struggles which you cannot be spared in earthly life and which are absolutely necessary for the advancement of the soul.  And if you know this, do not begin anything without having placed yourselves at the mercy of the heavenly Father, and life will be easier for you ....




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