Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0678 22.11.1938

Judgment blessing for the weak in faith ....
Unusual phenomena ....
Strong faith protection ....
Safe building ....
Judge's hand ....

The great judgment will still have an unspeakably beneficial effect for a large part of mankind, because whoever was weak in faith until then, but did not completely turn away from God, will feel the strict but just hand of the Father and still move away from the edge of ruin and commend themselves to the grace of God.  Those who still turn to Him in the last hour will from now on be the most zealous followers of God's Word and will. They will try to make up for what they missed and will not rest, until the height is reached and the soul can separate from matter, and thus only a very short time is needed to bring such souls to repentance, yet the short time will have such a dreadful effect on the earthly children, for such unfamiliar phenomena will pass before people's senses that they have to suffer unspeakably and in these fearful times, they can seek and find help precisely only there, from where alone help will also come to them.

Seven years before, the adversary already wrestles for these souls which are too weak to offer resistance, partly from indolence and partly from self-inflicted ignorance.  But at the end of these years, the misery will have risen so immeasurably .... and nevertheless man will fear for his life and try to preserve it with all his strength, because he whose soul is not ripe for eternity, still fears death ..…

But who can look forward to the bodily death with calmness, the forces of nature will not be able to harm him either, because their faith will protect them from the worst, it will direct their mind - full of intimacy to the heavenly Father - in the trouble, and the Lord will give them strength, so that they can bear their lot easily.  But whoever believes to inhabit a secure building and relies on it, will feel the hand of the judge even there, if his thinking is not just and his life is not pleasing to God .... For no borders will be drawn, the omnipotence of God ignores no being, so that it decides to whom it's love applies .... the earthly world, or the home of it's soul.

And because this will come, work the soil well in the vineyard of the Lord, use the time and preach God's Word .... and you yourselves will mature in love for the creatures of the Lord .... and you will also see most clearly where the Lord instructs you to love-activity, so that you can work for His glory ....




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